Game Reset, While Awaiting Bracketbusters Announcements…

It’s that time. We’re going to start–and by we I mean every single one of us–looking at every single game from today forward. So here you go, and we can make this an ongoing feature because it is easily updatable.

This is everybody’s record plus RPI in parens. Use it for relativity-you know how RPI goes–and know that I lifted these from BBState. Then, each team’s schedule for the rest of the season.

Obviously, it does not include Bracketbusters.

Nor’easter 10-1, 15-6 (57): @W&M, UNCW, Drexel, @Mason, Ga State, @Drexel, ODU

VCU 9-2, 16-6 (61): @UNCW, W&M, JMU, @ODU, Delaware, @JMU, Ga State

Mason 8-3, 15-6 (59): Hofstra, @JMU, @Delaware, Nor’easter, Drexel, @UNCW, Towson

Drexel 8-3, 12-8 (100): @Delaware, ODU, @Nor’easter, Towson, @Mason, Nor’easter, @W&M

Hofstra 6-5, 14-8 (99): @Mason, Towson, ODU, @Delaware, JMU, @Ga State, UNCW

JMU 6-5, 14-9 (140): @Ga State, Mason, @VCU, W&M, @Hofstra, VCU, @Delaware

Old Dominion 6-5, 13-8 (182): Towson, @Drexel, @Hofstra, VCU, @UNCW, W&M, @Nor’easter

Georgia State 4-7, 6-17 (268): JMU, Delaware, @Towson, UNCW, @Nor’easter, Hofstra, @VCU

Delaware 3-8, 9-14 (230): Drexel, @Ga State, Mason, Hofstra, @VCU, @Towson, JMU

Towson 3-8, 8-15 (227): @ODU, @Hofstra, Ga State, @Drexel, W&M, Delaware, @Mason

UNCW 2-9, 5-18 (276): VCU, @Nor’easter, @W&M, @Ga State, ODU, Mason, @Hofstra

William & Mary 1-10, 6-15 (273): Nor’easter, @VCU, UNCW, @JMU, @Towson, @ODU, Drexel


~ by mglitos on February 2, 2009.

One Response to “Game Reset, While Awaiting Bracketbusters Announcements…”

  1. Really? My Patriots have a higher RPI than VCU? Interesting…subject to change, of course.

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