Wow, I REALLY Know Nothing…

Late edit: I’ve been brow-beaten today about Bracketbusters. Rightfully so, I may add.

No clue how I missed the obvious: Butler at Davidson. Layup.

There was even two emails calling me a CAA homer, that Miami (OH) was conveniently left out. Well, duuuuuhhhhhhh.

So let’s give them their Butler/Davidson matchup, and stipulate Utah State at St. Mary’s for the westcoasters. I’ll even slum it and say Miami heads to Evansville and the Purple Aces (shame they don’t wear the full t-shirts anymore).

Still gives us Nor’easter at Siena, RPI be-damned.

We’ll go Illinois State at Niagara, because of the whole conference game thing.

That leaves us Mason/Creighton and probably VCU at Fairfield.

Anthony Grant will not be happy.


~ by mglitos on January 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Wow, I REALLY Know Nothing…”

  1. Grant won’t have to do much homework in scouting Fairfield. The Stags’ head coach is Ed Cooley, a former Boston College assistant under Al Skinner. Cooley worked closely with Bill Coen on the Eagles’ staff for many years.

    Get ready to defend the Flex again VCU.

    Oh, and Fairfield plays their games in Bridgeport, CT – not the nicest place in the world to visit for a game.

  2. VCU vs Wright State

  3. Oooh, the Rams against Brad Brownell.

    Visions of Goldsberry and George going at it in Trask.

  4. Yeah, I was thinking about Mason/Creighton myself esp since they gave us DU Creighton a couple years back. The return game there which brought the homer as hell refs to the DAC was the one myself and 3 others were thrown out of by the officials… But we won the game in Omaha which should have been one of the games that put DU in the tourney that year.

    I was actually thinking Miami (OH) v Sienna though, although NU could certainly get that draw. And yes, if VCU doesnt get Davidson (and I dont think they will) I don’t think they will be happy with their draw. I’ll assume they put one of the two MAAC schools on ESPN2 (fairfield/niagra) which leaves DU in a field of maybes for that sixth spot as well. With 2 other MVC teams already on the duece I don’t know that Nevada gets the draw either. Nevada/Wright St/Drexel? Who knows. My money is on Nevada.

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