When It Becomes Clear You Know Nothing…

Insist. I love people who are either misinformed or just plain wrong, but believe if they just talk louder and with more force, they will miraculously be right. Cracks me up.

The best way to defend those folks? Sit there and say and do nothing. Stillness makes them uncomfortable, which is even more funny. Then, you can be comfortable in the fact that you don’t have to know everything and still be intelligent.

As a comedian once said, “there’s a tip from your Uncle Lar’.”


Impressions of last night’s games are on the way. I was buried in three full days of MPH meetings, so there’s a lot I don’t know. Need to head to my usual haunts and make those phone calls…


I don’t know one thing about Juwan James’s health. I’ve read about his heart condition, that he was ill for eight games earlier this year, and that he passed out a couple weeks ago. I know last night The JYD collapsed again, and I worry.

You want a “holy crap” quote? Check out Andrey Semenov, courtesy of Dopirak:

“Being in the game with Juwann is like standing behind a stone wall,” Semenov said. “You feel very safe. He’s reliable. You feel like things are going to come together. Wins are going to come together. Once he’s out, the stone wall becomes a glass wall. You’re just not as strong as you used to be.”

Ten years from now I will recall Juwann James as one of my alltime favorite CAA players. I don’t know what’s going on with his health, and frankly it isn’t my business. Speculation would be futile and ridiculous. All I know is that I hope James is honored as a legend at the CAA tournament banquet, and he is there to accept the trophy.


I don’t know what’s to become of the whole AdakoMaynorJanningBurgessHess dust up from Tuesday, but my belief is that it needs to go away.

This stuff happens and fans are making a bigger deal than needed. We can bring it back up again in March around a beer. My only hedge: we may want to give Karl Hess a night off instead of calling any more CAA games.


I don’t know who will get whom in Bracketbusters, but it is getting interesting (and important). I’ve got to think ESPN is going to push hard for St. Mary’s and Butler matching up in the “primest of prime time” slots.

After that, everybody wants Davidson because you know you’re getting teevee. Nor’easter has earned the right to pick its game, and I don’t know that Poor Bill should pick Davidson.

Siena has a better RPI by about 15-20 slots, depending on your service of choice. Plus, the travel for the Huskies would be shorter. Keep in mind, that even though this Bracketbusters game is huge, there is still a conference season and a conference tournament to play. Don’t underestimate routine as we start to grind.

So while Siena is the less sexy game in terms of teevee and appeal, it is likely the better game for Nor’easter. Shovels, baby. Shovels.

I can also see ESPN wanting a smidgen of Maynor vs. Curry, even though I’ll bet Anthony Grant’s mortgage Joey Rodriguez would get the defensive assignment on Curry.

Where does that leave Mason? Creighton is a good matchup. Mason (and Drexel) have that history of heading to the Valley in late February and grabbing big wins.


~ by mglitos on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “When It Becomes Clear You Know Nothing…”

  1. Mike,

    I love your blog and read it daily (or whenever I see a new post). I am a VCU donor and season ticket holder. I know and have spent time with many in the VCU Athletic department. (I think I have actually met you once or twice). I graduated from VCU in 1991, so you can do the math and see that I am 39 years old. WHy do I give you my brief biography? So, you’ll know that I look at things through “black & gold” colored glasses.

    I don’t normally write or comment on any blogs, but I had to in this instance. I was at the VCU-NorEaster tilt on Tuesday night, and I can say it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen. It was horrible both ways. Now, did the poor officiating lead to VCU’s los? NO!!!! Northeastern dictated tempo and deserved to win. That said, the officials were just plain bad. Very inconsistent with horrible call sagainst both teams.

    I agree with you that most of the “incident” needs to go away. However, one item that should, and is, being looked into is the Hess-Maynor incident. Hess charged at Maynor in a confrontational manner. I don’t care what Maynor may have said or done, a college official SHOULD NEVER go at a player. EVER!!! I know officials at both the college and high school levels, and they concur that Hess was way out of line. He should be disciplined and frankly, should not be allowed to referee any more VCU games this season.

    Keep up the great work.

    Harvey Hutchinson

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