A Good Leadoff Hitter Makes All The Difference…

Even though Saturday’s games are technically being played on January 31, we’re going to pretend that it’s February. That okay?

If last night’s Hofstra/Dub game is any indicator, we’re going to all need some NyQuil and Gayatri mantras to make it through the rest of the season.

I could replay the game, or I could point you where you need to go. In short, Hofstra won at the buzzer when the Pride trapped Chad Tomko near midcourt, stole the ball, and Pitsie Urbutis grabbed a Tony Dennison flail and laid it in the hoop. But these guys do it far more justice:

Mull’s gamer is an example of the only reason gamers are still written.

Beach’s writeup provides the Hofstra POV perfectly, adding Pride detail in the way most Hofstra fans witnessed the game–from the couch. (It also shows he may have been, uh, celebrating a little. I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but never Dionne Warwick.)

Finally, there’s Mull’s blog entry, which gives color on Montez Downey, Dom Lacy’s first double-double, and a team improving.


In Philly, Drexel continues to steamroll opponents. Here’s the thing: the Dragons shot just 30% and whipped Georgia State in a game that was over before halftime. Of course, a 2-1 edge on the glass will help, especially when Drexel had as many offensive rebounds as Georgia State has total rebounds. (I didn’t know Karch Kilray had eligibility left.) The Dragons hoisted 60 shots and 24 free throws (making 21 of those) to just 43 shots for GSU.

We didn’t see the game, but when you see stats like that you have to wonder how much gas is left in the tank for GSU.


The JYD aside, ODU got a confidence-builder last night. This is the kind of game that will be overanalyzed. So we’ll keep it basic and ask a couple of questions.

Was this a case of the JMU Glass Wall Effect? (As in, how differently does this game go if James is in the lineup?)

Did ODUs horrid end-game free throw shooting mask a dominating, double-digit win that wasn’t as close as six points? (As in, JYD aside, ODU played very well and is turning a corner?)

We will find out on Saturday, when Blaine Taylor’s troops take on Mason.


Last, and admittedly certainly least, Towson fairly dominated The College in one of the cities of our nation’s birth last night. We’ll give The Tribe a bit of a pass, as they were playing without David Schneider. Sean McCurdy had seven turnovers in his stead.

Tony Franklin filled the stat sheet for PK: 18 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, and he did two loads of laundry at halftime.

One other note: you have no idea this is going to happen, but I’m wagering W&Ms Quinn McDowell wins frosh of the year. He had 16/6 last night.


~ by mglitos on January 29, 2009.

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