Not Sure I Believe This Math…

With 6:37 to go in the first half, ODUs Frank Hassell hit a layup to give the Monarchs a 22-7 lead over Nor’easter. ODU was swarming the Huskies, playing with fire and controlling every facet of the game. Nor’easter had seven points and seven turnovers, and the shot clock on their ensuing possession was about to expire.

That’s when Eugene Spates fired an arrow towards the hoop. Clearly “good” would’ve been that it somehow found iron to reset the shot clock. A shot like that usually caroms to the trainer.

The 35-foot forward pass found net. Over the next 34 minutes, if you include Spates’s heave, Nor’easter outscored ODU–at The Ted mind you–51-20.

I have but one word when you are down 15 on the road and getting hammered in the CAA and come back to win by double digits.



And holy crap–a Chuckie Jenkins jumper in the waning seconds pushes Hofstra past JMU in The Burg.


~ by mglitos on January 24, 2009.

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