Your Friday Six Pack…

No, this isn’t going to be a regular feature, but we will likely come back to it a couple of times. It was born of stat-geekdom, pulled together as dinner was being cooked.

You see, that is a fine time to let yourself get lost in BBState. Happens to me three times a week–you can generally tell when those days are for me, as I hit you with great stats the next day.

Anyway, here’s six questions to test how closely you’ve been following the season. There is no prize, except perhaps dropping a nugget on a friend tonight and he buys the next round out of pity. Just remember where you earned that pity.

Important note–these stats are for conference games only. We’re eight games in and thus have a very relevant comparison. Other than December 6, you can forget November and December existed. Answers will come later today.

1. Eric Maynor is leading the league in scoring (19.8). Who is second?

2. Three guards are among the top 10 rebounders in the league. Name them.

3. You know the top two shot blockers–Greg Washington and Larry Sanders. Who is third?

4. Maynor is also the assist-to-turnover ratio leader with an otherworldly 3.8/1. Who is second?

5. The top four players in terms of minutes played per game consist of two players from two teams. Name the four players.

6. The two freshmen leading the league in scoring (for freshmen) have the same surname. Name them.


Andy Katz took in the Mason/Nor’easter game the other night and files this report. I wonder where he got the scheduling information and opinion, but more importantly I wonder how much information “everyone else” was getting from Whelliston that they no longer have access?

I mean, really. How could Kyle’s well-reasoned, courtside views, actual interviews with coaches, and statistical analysis EVER compete with a column about Bill Simmons’s dog?

It is amazing how three days can crystallize an entire philosophy. My resolve to find and bring “good information,” whatever that is, to you, is even deeper.

Ridiculous if you ask me, but I’m biased.


~ by mglitos on January 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Your Friday Six Pack…”

  1. Without looking it up, I’m going with:

    1) Juwann James

    2) Scott Rodgers, Eric Maynor, Marc Eggeron

    3) Leon Spencer

    4) Matt Janning (really no idea on this one)

    5) DU’s Harris and Rodgers, NU’s Janning and Adako

    6) The Moore’s

  2. I’ll take a stab too, but I looked at a bunch of stats not too long ago.

    1) I was going to guess Janning, but JJames might be right.
    2) Chase Allen (definitely), Dawson (UD), and Finney (if you count him as a guard). Otherwise, Matt Janning?
    3) No idea. Hairston?
    4) I know this! Darius James.
    5) Has to be Egerson and someone else (Johnson?) of UD. Janning and another guy from NU (my guess would be Allen).
    6) Has to be Kevon and Devon.

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