The Defense Will NOT Be Resting…

Expect a whole lotta defense tonight when Nor’easter hosts Mason in the first of three biggies in the next six days. (Mason heads to Richmond on Saturday to face VCU, and then Nor’easter does the same thing next Tuesday night.)

In conference games, Nor’easter is first in terms of points allowed per possession (0.85) and fewest possessions per 40 minutes (60) and Mason is third in both categories (0.87 D-PPP and 61.9 possessions). We joke about it sometimes, but this game could honestly be a race to 50 points.

Impacts? As always, Nor’easter is bigger at every position than its opponent. The Huskies also play one of the tougher 3-2 zones you will see from any team, any division. Playing a zone and being big means one thing—you attack it or get killed.

So for Mason, that means getting Nor’easter into some foul trouble, and getting themselves to the foul line. Poor Bill doesn’t go very deep, at least not comfortably. Oh, then the Patriots have to be Drexel from the stripe. If Nor’easter takes, say, three charges in the first 12 minutes of the game the “t-word” will come into play: tentative.

Patience is the key for Poor Bill’s team. That’s making the extra pass or three on offense—give up a good shot attempt for the shot attempt you want. On defense, that is the consistency of adjusting to Mason’s attack, and the patience of not trying to block shots or get ticky-tack reach-in fouls.

It isn’t going to be pretty, that’s for sure. The biggest variable in my mind: which team has “that guy” do something he isn’t supposed to do. Examples? Andre Cornelius with 12 points and five assists. Or three threes from either Matt Smith or Baptiste Bataille. A double-double from either Ryan Pearson or NkemO fits.

In the end, I’ll go with the home team, figuring I’ll say the same thing on Valentine’s Day. Vinny Lima makes me proud. Nor’easter 54, Mason 50.


~ by mglitos on January 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “The Defense Will NOT Be Resting…”

  1. shades of the 2001 conference title game? televised, too.

  2. Dead on about who rises to the occasion…Matty Smith playing out of his head….Hope Vaughn has a speedy recovery….btw ..some of the Mason posters on the zone are brutal. No reason to step in and reason with them.

  3. Did I just use the word reason 2x?


  4. You did.

    Where did you get your degree, VCU?

  5. Nu during the dark years….thank you very much!

  6. You can’t spell VCU without the V, the C, or the U.

  7. Drive safely folks, and tip your waitress. They’ll be here all week!

    And dbrown–you managed to use the same word with two different meanings within the same sentence. I’d argue higher intelligence before poor writing.

  8. And that is why when Mike Litos hangs with the Huskies in the Marriott he drinks for free!

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