Last Item on Balanced Scheduling (Until the Next One…)

First misconception to clarify: we aren’t adding games to the schedule. Logistics of where do these games get slotted is no more difficult than nonconference scheduling. In fact it is easier because you aren’t negotiating home and road.

Second misconception to address: we don’t have enough games to build up RPI. Yes, you do. From this season’s noncon slate:

Mason would NOT play Brown, Mt. St. Mary’s, Liberty, and Radford but keep Dayton, Vermont, Ohio, East Carolina, Tulane, and Hampton.

Drexel would NOT play Fairfield, Rider, Northridge, and Bucknell but keep Georgetown, Penn, St. Joe’s, Niagara and Memphis.

JMU would NOT play Kennesaw, Longwood, Loyola, and Fla Atlantic but keep Davidson, Seton Hall, Radford, UTEP, Belmont.

Old Dominion would schedule somewhere in between 2007-08 (too difficult) and 2008-09 (too easy).

The teams above I literally clicked on–compeltely random, except for Mason. As the best team in the conference right now, their schedule means the most and their coach is most against it.

And the point is this: dive into the details if you wish, but in 10 minutes I got a sample of why going to 22 games would NOT water down the opportunity for “a good nonconference schedule.”


~ by mglitos on January 21, 2009.

One Response to “Last Item on Balanced Scheduling (Until the Next One…)”

  1. Drexel would keep Rider, that’s been a home and home forever and geographically, financially and competitively makes sense. I’d say if anyone is squeezed by limiting OOC it is DU, since they have the 2 city games, the bracketbuster game, and the bracketbuster return game every year. Add Rider to that. That’s 22 conf games, 5 OCC games locked in every year giving you room for 2 more teams. I’d imagine those would both be buy games, which would leave DU with just about no home games (Rider every other year, maybe SJU every other year eventually, and the Bracketbuster return game every other year) but still with a strong OOC SOS and an opportunity for some good resume wins if an at large were to become a possibility.

    I’ll say it til I’m blue in the face. Bru is without any question the best scheduler on the conference year in and year out, and if he can pull off and even advocates the 22 game conf schedule, everyone else should take a long look at it, since it is not just feasible, but beneficial.

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