First You Get, Then You Give…

We’ll start with one of the conference’s greatest ironies this morning. A bit later, I will be asking a favor of you.


Those new to this here scene (mid major hoops, the CAA, high quality yet loose writing, etc.) may not know this. When you talk about the heated rivalries in the CAA, none are greater than ODU/VCU and it isn’t close. However when you talk pure hatred, I don’t know that there is more than resides between Drexel and Delaware.

That’s why it is so very interesting that Monte Ross and Bruiser Flint are great friends. Or not, but it is interesting to me.

Anyway, the two get together tonight in Philly–7:00 on a Comcast station near your couch. Lest you think it is a homerific evening, the Hens won in the DAC last year as part of its 5-0 sprint from the gates.

Also, consider this: the home teams went 5-1 on Saturday to get above .500 on the season (23-19). That’s right, in the CAA home teams are winning only 55% of the time. And finally, the past 20 games in the series, dating back to the 2000-2001 season, are split 10-10. The two teams have even met in the past two CAA tournaments, with, predictably, each team winning once.

This is a game of confidence, and not the three-card-monte kind. (Side note: I could interject a “three card Monte” line here and reference Egerson, Carter, and Johnson, but I won’t.)

Drexel is winning in the way we’re used to seeing Drexel win–plowing teams on the boards, playing tough as nails everywhere, and making just enough shots to win. This includes a scholl-record 32 straiht free throws.

Delaware has that four-headed monster that is collectively as good as any four players on any team. And Jim Ledsome isn’t exactly chopped liver. Marc Egerson, for those scoring at home, is the only player in the country averaging a double-double AND dishing 2.5 assists per game. I’ll take that guy on my team.

Give me the Dragons playing in the DAC, statistics notwithstanding. Drexel 65, Delaware 62.


~ by mglitos on January 20, 2009.

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