Clee Shay Monday, And One More Stat…

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One more stat for you, and later today we’ll hear what the coaches had to say about playing home-and-home.


We’re big proponents of possession-based stats. When boiled down, the two leading indicators are offensive points per possession and defensive points per possession (points allowed per possession).

It is interesting how each team’s “O-PPP and D-PPP differential” closely mirrors the actual wins and losses:

Points per possession differential:

  1. Mason +.24
  2. VCU +.24
  3. NU +.20
  4. JMU +.06
  5. Drexel +.02
  6. ODU E
  7. Ga State E
  8. Hofstra -.05
  9. Del -.05
  10. W&M -.14
  11. Tows -.16
  12. UNCW -.31 (interesting note: most possessions per game with 71)


What say you?

Blaine Taylor

On the VCU game: “We saw a number of things we could’ve done better but you’ve got to give them their due. It was an unusual game, typically us and VCU have gone down to the wire.

On his team’s inconsistent shooting: “We’re vulnerable to momentum.”

On his team’s inconsistent play: “I’m checking guys’ horoscope and temperature to see whose ‘on’ that day. Who produces will see more (playing) time. I can’t make it arbitrary.”

Bill Coen

On the loss at Hofstra: “We came in and I didn’t think we had our usual spark defensively. We gave the most points in the first half (we’ve given up) in any conference game. We hoped to get out of there before Charles Jenkins regained himself.”

On his team’s staunch defense: “I don’t know that we do anything really well. Defense is about consistency. If you can make minor adjustments more consistently you will be a better defensive team.”

On the round robin stretch (VCU, NU, and GMU all play each other in next week): “Each game counts the same towards your total but there are certain opportunities where you can almost get a double-whammy (by handing) a loss to one of your rivals.”

Tom Pecora

Not quotes, but info. Pecora talks fast. Dane Johnson didn’t play because of a bruised sternum. Darren Townes and Arminas Urbutis played well in practice. Rico Suave (Miklos Szabo) broke his arm and is done for the season.

Whomever is playing well in practice is going to play. In years past Hofstra knew the five guys who were going to play.

Tony Shaver

On Quinn McDowell: “Number one he is just a winner. He makes people better around him and he’s just dependable. Quinn in every phase of the game has been very special for us.”

Benny Moss

On the two losses this week: “It’s two games that resemble a lot of others.”

On Kevon Moore and Jerel Stephenson, his two star freshmen: “Their courage is great but their wisdom is not.”

Pat Kennedy

Another fast talker. Notes: He compared Eric Maynor to Bobby Hurley, and said Nor’easter is the most talented team. He is the man to ask, as he has seen all three teams very recently up close.

Monte Ross

On Nor’easter: “It was almost men against boys at times out there.”

On the importance of point guard Brian Johnson: “How Brian goes is how we go. It’s unfair to him but he understands that as a point guard that a lot of blame goes to him and a lot of accolades don’t go to him.”

Ross then stated that his team had almost no chance to beat Drexel, because Bruiser is a big Eagles fan and the Eagles lost.

Bruiser Flint

On the week: “Hofstra was our best game all season start to end. We got out to a big lead and we kept it. Wilmington we didn’t play well until the last seven minutes. (The Dragons were down one with nine minutes to play and won by 24.)


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