Coaches Later, Stats and Wrap Up Now…

Shoot the Basketball

It bears repeating–we can carve up numbers until we’re blue in the face, but we always seem to overlook the obvious. In this case, it is offensive field goal percentage. Here’s what I’ve got today:

In the past 19 conference games, the team that shot better from the field is 18-0-1. Depending upon rounding, that is either 19-0 or 18-1, but Delaware/Hofstra finished with both teams shooting 48%.

Overall in conference games only–and we are far enough along to warrant using conference only because that is a more fair evaluation–the team that shoots the higher percentage is 36-5-1.


As for Saturday, we had a pile of crazy numbers.

Tom Pecora altered his entire lineup in the Pride’s win over Nor’easter. Arminas Urbutis, with minutes-played lines of 3-4-3 prior, saw 31 minutes on Saturday, and Pitsie grabbed nine rebounds. Darren Townes, buried on the bench and playing double-figures minutes only once since Christmas, had 29 MPs. Mike Davis-Sabb, king of DNP–CD, saw four minutes and heap big stud Greg Washington 3 minutes. Zippo for Dane Johnson.

What’s more, Tony Dennison got 20 minutes and Charles Jenkins shot 50%. It worked. For its part, Nor’easter gave up more than 1.0 points per possession, the first time that has occurred against a conference foe all season.


We present the Towson Snakebittens. It seems every season something goes awry for PK. This season, Tommy Breaux was injured, again. Promising freshman Calvin Lee is having academic troubles. Rico Brown, an immensely talented guard, had some personal problems and may have left school.

Hard to figure stat lines: through all of that, Tony Durant is playing less and less–28 mpg last season down to six on Saturday. Touted transfer Brian Morris 19 mp and reduced effectiveness. Junior Hairston is again battling nicks and sprains.

And Saturday Georgia State’s Kevin Lott, who had scored eight points ALL SEASON, managed 14 points in 16 minutes.


In The Biggun’, VCU made easy work of ODU. The Monarchs’s most important perimeter threats, Keyon Carter and Darius James, “hit” on 0-14 shots and both were socreless. Gerald Lee’s post game words were that ODU was outtoughed start to finish.

Mason slid by Madison as expected, and Delaware knocked off The College. Finally, Drexel pummeled UNCW on the boards and shot 52% and ran away from the Seahawks in Trask. It was a really ugly second half for the Mossmen. More later.


~ by mglitos on January 18, 2009.

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