Seven Days, Give or Take…

Lots of logistics.

First, don’t forget Whelliston is chatting at ESPN today (Friday) at 4:00. On second thought, as of 4:01, when you are logged into the chat, forget it. Kyle notes that these chats will now take place on Mondays at 4:00. So remember that.

Second, I had lunch today with an in-the-know. We were chatting about Mason/Nor’easter next Wednesday–remember we aren’t coaches or players so we get to look ahead–and he reminded me of this fact:

GMU@NU is Wed.

GMU@VCU is Sat.

NU@VCU is the next Tue.

Round robin over the next 10 days, folks.



~ by mglitos on January 16, 2009.

One Response to “Seven Days, Give or Take…”

  1. Mason, VCU, and Northeastern are shaping up to be a beautiful race to the end in the CAA. Love it.

    GO MASON!! (I love beating up on Madison again..)

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