The Mind Continues to Whir at an Unprecedented Pace…

I’m seeing something interesting taking shape, and we’ll deal with that tomorrow. I need to let it marinate in my head a little more. As for last night:

It isn’t that Drexel beat Hofstra last night, it’s how. Drexel made shots–21 free throws and seven threes–and battled Hofstra to a standstill on the backboards. I don’t know that any player in the conference has “stepped up” like a coach hopes than Scott Rodgers. Kid is killing it, 26 and 9 last night. Chuckie Jenkins continues his huge slump (3-10).

Bruiser has the Dragons at 3-3–remember most everyone had them at or near the bottom of the conference preseason. I know we’re only six games in but I’ve always told the naysayers Bruiser can coach. Take that ye naysayer, and I am also pointing the finger at myself.

We were close in Harrisonburg. The JYD was 5-8 and Big Dazz was 4-5 in the JMU coasting. The Dukes expectedly killed UNCW on the boards, but Matt Brady is not going to be happy with 20 more turnovers.

Nothing of real note here and here, other than good teams winning on the road.


Nor’easter at Delaware: ESPNU at 7:00. A scarier game than Delaware playing at home does not exist. The Hens have incredible overall talent: a very good point guard (Brian Johnson), a very good shooter (Jawan Carter), a very good combo guard (Fonzie), and one of the top three players in the conference (Egerson). Jim Ledsome cannot be forgotten, either.

But Delaware is 1-4 in conference. None are head-scratchers, and the lone win is over VCU. They are losses, though, and I don’t get it.

Per Kevin Tresolini, Delaware beatnick, Monte Ross didn’t allow his team to wear practice jerseys the past two days because they didn’t deserve it. Ross’s reasoning of the struggles:

“One of the things we’re not getting right now is concentration for 40 minutes, whatever the reason is,” Ross said. “We had the ball up three with 1:15 to go [against UNCW] and we lost that game because we had three turnovers.”

This one is about depth and shooting: Nor’easter has to keep Brian Johnson out of the lane where he can find shooters galore. Jawan Carter will hit open shots, as will Fonzie and Egerson. An eight assist, one turnover night for Johnson spells doom for Poor Bill.

A hand in the face of 20-footers is key. On the other side, Manny Adako and NkemO (I hate trying to spell his name) will be shooting from 10 feet all night long.

Because good shooting requires getting the good shot, and only then making the good shot, I like Nor’easter’s defense and size here. Plus, tired legs are death to jumpshots. The Huskies are big enough to rebound, and to keep Egerson off of the boards. The Hens will lead a good portion of this game but wilt around the second half under 8:00 media timeout.

Nor’easter 67, Delaware 61.


~ by mglitos on January 15, 2009.

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