Another Must-Read…

Getting to my hoops bacchanalia a little late today. Work and all.

Found some great quotes you don’t normally hear come out of the mouth of a basketball coach, at least publicly. After you read them use the link to the full text:

“Far be it from me to steal their thunder after a win,” XXX said. “But 20 turnovers, it’s stupid, quite frankly. And I don’t have another word for it. William & Mary, that’s not Duke we’re playing, quite frankly athletically. That’s not North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I think Tony Shaver is a terrific basketball coach. The way they play basketball, the way they play defense, they make you really really work. They make you work on defense, they make you really work on offense, but they don’t really make you work to take care of the damn ball. So I’m going to tell the team that exactly in those words. That’s not a team that we need to turn the ball over 20 times against. We shouldn’t have 20 turnovers on Wednesday, but if we have 20 turnovers on Saturday (at George Mason) you can write the score down. We’re losing by double digits.”

“In our three wins we’ve had 20, 19 and 19 turnovers,” XXXX said (more edited). “I don’t know when our next win’s coming, quite frankly. We could play UNC-Wilmington with four guards and turn it over 26 times and lose the game with on the last possession with the lead and the ball. So I don’t know when the next win’s coming. I’m not necessarily enjoying the wins. To me they’re a relief, because we have to win the next game.”

“I don’t believe we’re going to win the next game until the turnovers come down, until five guys are going to block out on every missed shot, not two guys. The turnovers have to come down and the blockouts have to become more consistent. Until those two things become more consistent, we could go on a five-game losing streak.”


Full text: Matt Brady, my new favorite coach.

Edit: the little linky line thing seems to be broken. Try:


~ by mglitos on January 13, 2009.

One Response to “Another Must-Read…”

  1. As a recent, as of last year, fan/student of JMU basketball I’ve learned that Brady says what he thinks. He doesn’t sugar coat/coach speak I find this extremely refreshing and hope that the players do. The only other coach that I can think of that speaks so bluntly is Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech.

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