Clee-Shay Monday, Jan 12 Version…

There is always a trend to the weekly gabfest. Some point is emphasized and reemphasized every ten minutes. It’s like the coaches check in with each other on Sunday and decide what they are going to discuss. One of them is tracking the number of Lalooshisms, with the winner buying dinner.

Last week: this is a crazy league.

This week: We’re halfway through the season. No more excuses about youth.

Also, an apology for the sparsity, my own word. Trying to do about six things this morning.

Tom Pecora

“I don’t think our shot selection is horrible but there seems to be a lid on the basket for us.”

Called in the Jucos (Dennison, Vines, Szabo) this morning and told them: “Your transition period is over.”

Told Charles Jenkins he doesn’t want to see him in the gym for three days. “His hard work is keeping in the slump as opposed to helping him come out of it.”

Jenkins is 32-119 since mid December (27%).

Anthony Grant

“We’re 15-16 games into the season and I can’t call it inexperience anymore. I’m hopeful our guys understand what they need to do to put ourselves in a position to win.”

On Lance Kearse, who suited up again after being recently diagnosed with an unnamed medical condition: “Lance is going to be able to contribute on a limited basis.”

Blaine Taylor

On his team: “You don’t dare go to the bathroom or concession stand, you might miss something on the scoreboard.”

On slow starts: “I don’t know, we seem to like looking up rather than looking down. We’ve been down 18, 20 points and taken leads. What we’re searching for is more consistency throughout the game where our good runs outnumber our bad runs. We’re not planning on (falling behind early). Sometimes you don’t give enough credit to the other guy.”

Tony Shaver

On the thought that you stop Sumner and Schneider and you beat W&M: “We need to find (balance) quickly because we’re halfway through the season.”

Benny Moss

On walk on Underdog Daniel Mercer, who was a student at North Carolina and working out at a skill development facility in Raleigh: “A guy there was friends with Todd Hendley. One thing led to another and he (contacted us and said) this kid is coming to school there as a transfer student and would like the opportunity. (Mercer) plays like a guy who cherises that opportunity. He is a guy that is appreciative not of the opportunity to play but to be on the team.”

Matt Brady

On a comeback win at home over Drexel leading to two road wins: “It’s important to develop a winning identity at home. I hope it had an impact on us mentally.”

On the three game winning streak: “That’s not something to get excited about. In a league like this you never know when another win is going to come.”


~ by mglitos on January 12, 2009.

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