The CAA Race: Set on 11…

Well, it’s better than 10. And don’t forget, coach speak dials in midmorning and I’ll see what can be mined from that.


If athletic directors were general managers and I were Jack Hayes (Hofstra), I’d be on the phone right now with both Jim Jarrett (ODU) and Peter Roby (Nor’easter).


Hofstra gunner Cornelius Vines is the missing piece from each of those teams. Vines can shoot it and brings a nasty attitude to the floor. Both teams need a shooter and an SOB.

To be clear, it is the good nasty. It sometimes works in favor of the opponent because it is emotional and therefore uncontrollable, but every coach wants a guy like this. Think Isaiah Hunter, Jesse Pellot Rosa, Bash Mason. I could be wrong, but my memory tells me even Brett Blizzard had a mean streak.

Vines is listed at 6-2 and 175 pounds, but he must’ve been measured wearing knight’s armor. He’s nowhere close, but Vines backs down from nothing and will stir things up.

Think Blaine Taylor doesn’t want a shooter with a mean streak? Think Bill Coen wouldn’t smile on the inside if one of his big men were challenged in practice by a guy half their size? Think again.

I may trade three years of Kent Bazemore for two years of Vines. Bazemore may be more talented, but Vines is more needed. I know I’ll take Corny Vines on my team any day. Some of those days he plays four minutes but he is on the roster.


To close out a longstanding open issue, I have my nickname for Hofstra bigandsoft man Miklos Szabo. After being announced into the game on Saturday, you-know-who turned to me and asked “did they just say Rico Suave was in the game?”

If you’ve seen the Hefty Hungarian with the rainbow jumper you will know that was a presto moment.


Speaking of Hofstra, the Pride is going to be trouble if they can figure out how to score. They play as hard as any CAA team I’ve seen this year. Their ability to run size and aggressiveness at you will keep them in most every game. Back down or shoot poorly and they will get you. Hofstra isn’t as talented as a lot of the teams in the conference but they are just as dangerous.

My translation is somewhere around 9-9 for the year with an equal number of puzzling wins and losses.


Here’s a question for you to file away: how many Friday winners also win on Saturday? Forget Sunday and Monday. Put the first two days into their own bubble and tell me of the four games between the top four seeds and the Friday winners, how many go to the road uniform.


As for Saturday, pick your boxscore here. Of note:

Mason rather toyed with Old Dominion, which was a surprise. It’s rare that the Monarchs get beaten physically, but that’s what happened. That also may be the fourth time I’ve written that this season, and we’re getting past aberrations. Another double-double for Darryl Monroe. And Cam Long needs a new haircut.

Mason is playing like a machine and the one area in which they’ve shown vulnerability is what happens when someone gets very physical with them.

Programming note: the Patriots have W&M and JMU, and Nor’easter–fresh off a quick-strike whipping of Towson–has Hofstra and Delaware. This is what stands in the way of two 7-0 teams walking into Mathews on 1/21.


Shoot the basketball, please. Five of six winners shot better from the field on Saturday. Nor’easter removed all hope by making 20-22 FTs and Mason removed all doubt by hitting their freebies at the end of their game. Karma abounds as the lone team to win by shooting a lesser percentage: UNCW.

David Schneider was 3-16 (Quin McDowell 1-9) and W&M lost to JMU. Darius James was 1-8 in ODUs loss. Trae Goldston 1-6 and Lennie Mendez 3-9 in Georgia State’s loss. Charles Jenkins 5-16 and Nat Lester 3-10 in Hofstra’s loss.

The list long, but it underscores one thing: your best guards have got to shoot it reasonably well for you to win basketball games.


~ by mglitos on January 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “The CAA Race: Set on 11…”

  1. Jose



    Northeastern’s last SOB.

  2. Well done, sir. I think it is the Pete Rose Standard we’re looking for: you can’t stand the guy, but you’d kill to have him on your team.

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