Somebody Said There Was A Football Game Last Night?

First, Whelliston is chatting over at ESPN at 4:00 today. You’ve got to have something. I do every week, but I think he’s figured out my alias.


I’ve got to say I very much enjoyed Scott (Glenn?) and Jay Williams on the ESPNU broadcast last night. Glenn is polished and knows the league, and Williams has fun and clearly does his homework. You can’t ask for a better combination.

As for the game, VCU went on something like a 32-6 binge to start the second half, with Drexel missing 18 of 20 shots, and cruised home. VCU made its first nine shots from three in the second half and finished 12-16 on the game. To use a stat folks love when evaluating “good” three point shooting: that’s 36 points on 16 shots. If they were twos that would be an 18 for 16 performance, or a shooting percentage of 112.5%.

Drexel only turned the ball over nine times and lost by 29 points. A 26% shooting night (and 12-24 FT) will do that to a team.

Hyperbole aside, something became clear to me, too: when you see Anthony Grant’s pit sweat through his shirt, lots of people are in trouble and your jersey color doesn’t matter (even stripes).


In tomorrow’s action:

Old Dominion at George Mason (2:00, CSN teevee): “Resolve” is a word and a concept that Blaine Taylor will challenge his team with after inexplicably losing at home to JMU Wednesday. You will see a very chippy and aggressive ODU team, and I don’t mean that in the bad way. ODU needs an SOB, and like Nor’easter on Saturday, this is the kind of game where one steps up.

This will undoubtedly keep the score down, which is exactly what Jim Larranaga is hoping. You see, the Patriots have a “second line production” issue: a freshman on the baseline (Pearson) and a backcourt with a sophomore (Long) and a freshman (Cornelius). In games like this, frequently the difference is the unexpected guy, not the star that is the focus of game plans. A low score keeps the ball out of the hands of the freshmen. Mason 58, ODU 53.

Hofstra at VCU (Noon, CSN teevee): This is a litmus test for the Pride. They are routinely bludgeoned in roadies at VCU-0-6 lifetime-but the stats give you an inkling otherwise. HU is the nation’s second best rebounding team and leads the conference in FG% defense. VCU isn’t the world’s greatest rebounding team, and while the past two games were a step forward defensively for the Rams, Drexel and UNCW aren’t throwing a scare into many people. This aids Hofstra’s struggling offense. It seems silly, but offensive rebounds is a highly important stat to note.

Also, VCU gets its scoring from its backcourt, and HU has allowed the opposing team’s top three backcourt scorers to shoot a combined 26-125 (20.6 percent) over the past four games, including 6-37 on Wednesday against Delaware.

Week to end streaks: Charles Jenkins had scored in double figures in 28 straight games until Monday, and Eric Maynor had scored in double figures for 29 straight games until last night. Jenkins’s streak began last year after VCU held him to nine points.

Finally, I want to see Larry Sanders versus Greg Washington in the paint: that’s 14 feet of human tipping the scales around 400 pounds. VCU 72, Hofstra 65.

Towson at Nor’easter (3:00, CN8 teevee): Yeah, I’ll figure out where the CN8 broadcasts have landed and let you know. This game screams let down. The Flying Tigers are far more talented than any PK Towson team, but they have the Towson name. And no matter what you tell 19-year olds, they see this stuff. Plus, while Nor’easter’s 3-2 zone is big, they need to keep Tony Franklin out of its middle or they will be in trouble. Cap’n Matt, fresh off of his first ever double-double, needs to be a Cap’n. Nor’easter 66, Towson 55.

James Madison at William & Mary (7:00): I have visions of last season. I kept picking against Shaverthatmoustache (which turned out to be a mistake) and they kept winning. The incredible analysts at G: TB picked up on that and implored me to continue picking against the Tribe. I agreed, and it resulted in a near NCAA tourney berth. Yes, I would’ve taken full credit had W&M beaten Mason.

Yesterday I posed the question (in the form of a statement, take that Trebek) wondering if JMU this year is the same as W&M last year. I have one more similarity. I thought Tony Shaver needed to get rid of the moustache. I think Matt Brady needs a new haircut. Badly. And true to form…W&M 64, JMU 61.

Drexel at Georgia State (4:00): I know I going to get killed for this choice, but in the topsy-turvy world we live in, this is what happens. The Dragons were mauled by VCU last night, then get to hop on a plane for Georgia. That’s no fun whatsoever.

Neither was Scott Rodgers’s 3-19 last night nor the stat Jay Williams dropped about Gerald Colds being three for his last 41 from deep. (That’s Jenkins territory.) But I think Drexel wins. I may be alone, but methinks the ODU game was the aberration. Drexel 62, Georgia State 58.

Delaware at UNCW (7:00): I talked a friend this morning who asked me my own personal unanswerable question: “How is Delaware 1-3?” Without resorting to cheap shots, all I’ll say is I expect him to call me Sunday with: “How is Delaware 2-3?” Hens 82, UNCW 67.


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