Nothing Happened to Phil Collins’s Sister…

Some nights, even when wrong, you know something is up. You just have that feeling, like when you hear a piece of music that you are vaguely familiar with. You think you know it but maybe not. You do, but not as well as you thought. So you butcher a lyric (car karaoke) or miss the transition (good jazz) but pick back up two seconds later.

Today is two seconds later for me. I had that feeling last night. The interesting part is that the game I slotted as the statement game was, at best, the third biggest statement made.


Nor’easter validated itself as a top three team, and its fans had better start checking flight schedules to Richmond.

Poor Bill’s troops shot well, defended well, rebounded well, and took care of the basketball. Good teams win games like this. Of note: generally a team faces adversity at some point in any road game, and the old saw of good teams winning on the road applies because the team finds a way to win through that adversity. At no point did Nor’easter struggle. Leading rebounder: Cap’n Matt, with 14.

With all that said, this is going to be a very, very, very, very interesting couple of weeks. The Huskies get Towson at home Saturday and then head to Delaware. After that: at Hofstra, home Mason, at ODU, at VCU. Hoo-baby!

James Madison, the 2009 version of the 2008 Tribe.

I admit I didn’t see this one coming at all. A senior leader (James/Kisielius), a key injury (Jalloh/Smith), and a road win at Old Dominion early in the conference season? If JMU goes 10-8 Matt Brady will be named mayor of Harrisonburg.

I’ve said since the summer that Brady is going to get the thing going at JMU–you can tell if you pay close attention to what he says and how he says it–but wow is all I can say after last night. It also bears repeating–the season-ending injury to Abdullai Jalloh could’ve been the best thing to happen to this program since Dean Keener Sherm Dillard Lefty was in town. (Side note: let me have a little fun, huh?)

In case you were wondering: at W&M, home UNCW, at Mason.

Nearly everyone who lives north of Delaware is too damn dramatic.

This means you, Hofstra fan. After last night you are 2-2, 10-5. I can count six teams off the top of my head that would trade places with you. Stop hilariously calling for the head of the coach.

As for the game, you MUST check the boxscore. It is the oddest thing I’ve ever seen and probably driving Pomeroy and Gasaway crazy. Delaware’s Marc Egerson: 0-10 from the field but 14-16 from the line. Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins: 4-24 (bombs away!) from the field but 10-10 from the line. YouDee had a 13 rebound performance and 12 rebound performance but total rebounds grabbed were even (that’s for you, JK!!). Peel that onion because I’ve been staring at the boxscore all morning.

Notably: HU was 24-26 from the line (all 20 in the second half) and Play Johnson dished seven without giving the ball away.

This is why defense wins championships.

I’ve been on quite the cliche roll, huh? Towson was never on track last night. The Flying Tigers misfired repeatedly and were hassled into 12 first half turnovers. PKs team has been among the best in terms of taking care of the basketball over the past two years, but 10 assists and 17 turnovers won’t win many basketball games.

Credit for all of that ugliness goes to George Mason. Up next is an angry Old Dominion team on Saturday. Of note: eight of Darryl Monroe’s rebounds were offensive.

Fear and loathing is alive and well.

Thanks to my parents, who raised me to be responsible, real-life duties kept me from all but the final five minutes of The Tribe’s win over The Dub. That’s a shame, because I received an email this morning that said the Mossmen looked pretty good for a half. We’ll just shake our heads and quote the very attractive woman who is not to be named, who keeps telling me: “you just want something good to happen for those guys.” We’ve beaten this horse to death so enough about the beach.

My apoligies to my friends at G: TB. More Tribe coverage is coming. I just need to see more of them. A win to become relevant helps, too.


~ by mglitos on January 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nothing Happened to Phil Collins’s Sister…”

  1. This NU fan has booked his trip to Richmond thru Tuesday.

    The big question is not how far we go…but how many NU people are there to witness it? If a tree falls in the woods. Echo……

  2. I’m locked and loaded for Richmond. Not leaving until Tuesday morning.

    12 teams, 11 games, one NCAA bid.

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