Keeping a Promise, and Great News for You…

Others are better at this than I could ever hope to be, so I’ll never shy away from a link.

Beach has proven to be very good, and right here is a mano-e-mano with Tom Pecora prior to the Delaware game last night.

Money quote: “Charles has got to get back to playing the way he’s capable of playing. If he plays poorly, we probably win three of the last four games. But he’s just played worse than that. And he’s aware of it and he and I talk about it all the time.”


With holiday hulaballoo I completely missed this item. I’ll get you started, but use the linky line on the right titled ODU Beat. Rich Radford is back covering the Monarchs–has been for a couple of weeks–and regularaly blogging.

Rich knows his stuff and is a very entertaining writer. He has a way of channeling Blaine Taylor’s peculiarities.

First entry I read is a prime example. Radford talks about Taylor being 30 pounds past his playing weight, but that ODU is missing an SOB player like Taylor was during his playing days.


Lest we forget…

VCU at Drexel: These two teams have always gotten after each other pretty good, and in a very respectful manner. Games are always tight and hard fought. They are ugly games but you never notice because of an intensity that is always hanging in the air.

Lots of memories: Robert Battle’s four step banker to win a CAA semifinal, Bash Mason’s press table banker to win at the buzzer, BA Walker’s brick that went in at the buzzer, Randy Oveneke’s massive halftime slammeroo.

It’s fun, and if you are within any reasonable distance of Philly, the following statement is worth it: “honey, let’s take a drive.” If not, you can catch the 7:00 tip on ESPNU.

I expect nothing different tonight: VCU 58, Drexel 53.


~ by mglitos on January 8, 2009.

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