A Brief Respite…Don’t Jump!

It’s January 6 and people are already waiting at the door to the elevator. The UP arrow is pressed, and they are all standing in front of the shaft, silent and motionless, eyes transfixed on the little blinky light that tells them the current floor of the car.

They await the same thing: the ride to the top floor so that they can all hold hands and jump.

The College fans are first in line. After last night’s uglyfest home loss to ODU, William & Mary sits at 0-3. Last year’s CAA Finals run was supposed to be the tip of the iceberg. But here’s the thing: The Tribe has lost to VCU, ODU, and Nor’easter, only the top three teams in the conference if you listen to everyone who follows the conference. That’s going to occur to most of the teams this year.

No panic needed–the fact that there are expectations to fall short of is a step in the right direction.

Side note: whatever Blaine Taylor said to Keyon Carter worked.

Hofstra fans are standing right next to Generic Headdress Crew. It was even uglier in Boston last night, a 73-50 Poor Bill win. We’ve spoken here that the Pride is in desperate need of a point guard and it showed last night. Charles Jenkins continues his mondo slump and it seems Hofstra falls into one-on-one play with guys who shouldn’t play one-on-one.

Side note: whatever Bill Coen said to Manny Adako and Nkem O worked. The Huskies got a great effort against a big, aggressive, and athletic Hofstra team.

The Dub fans are already in the elevator, scoffing at those folks trying to join them. It was another toughie last night for the Mossmen. This is the third time I watched UNCW, the first in person. Simply, they are overmatched and the whole size and injury thing is a red herring.

I give Moss credit–he is doing everything he can, alternating yelling with coaching with helpful reassurance. He may have gone through 57 Diet Dr. Peppers.

I just don’t know that a tonic exists. The frustration is visible on every player’s face, and it could be a very, very, very long(er) season. Daniel Mercer is giving his all, but he is undersized and undertalented. But there is hope–Kevon Moore is talented.

Side note: whatever Anthony Grant said to Anthony Grant worked. I’ve never seen him so animated. Not even close. His pit sweat would make Gary Williams proud.


One man’s desperation is another man’s jubilation. Sadly it is that black and white, with only two teams on the floor and no ties.

They are rightfully pleased with Matt Brady in Harrisonburg. Juwan James is playing like a senior and a stud. The JYD is the three-games-in under the radar first team All CAA selection. The Dukes will struggle at times but you can see progress.

Side note: They aren’t exactly unhappy in Philly.

George Mason provided a dinnertime beating of Georgia State. Of note, Jim Larranaga is cranking up a machine. There is a precision to the way the Patriots are playing. Funny thing–they don’t resemble the Ultimate Comparison in any way. They are just good in a very fundamental sense.

Side note: Lennie Mendez hit 4-5 from three. Uh-oh.

Don’t look now, but the Towson Flying Tigers are 2-1 after their second consecutive one-point win. Tony Franklin’s runner with two seconds to play was the winner. Delaware continues to be the most unpredictable team in the conference. Two days after defeating the #1 preseason team, on the same floor, the Hens lost to the preseason #8 or worse team.

Side note: Jim Ledsome awoke with 14/9. Another uh-oh note to make.


~ by mglitos on January 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Brief Respite…Don’t Jump!”

  1. ok, i hear you. but measured rationality isn’t my strong suit.

  2. Great points on Mason. Some of the passing during the recent games, the running of the offense, etc. has been download beautiful. It doesn’t hurt to have “big men” (Monroe, Pearson, Birdsong) would can move the ball around, too. I’ve been too hard on Birdsong during his first two years; I’m starting to think he doesn’t get the ball enough based on his smooth shot and his efficiency from the line (another area of improvement).

    We’ll see how we do against a solid Towson team tonight in Bawlmer.

  3. excuse me…”who” can move the ball around…

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