Six Straight Hours of Action Tonight…

Four in seven is a ton of work on everyone, huh?

Weekend thoughts, in which the top two preseason teams dropped roadies…

VCU had better start playing defense. From first in the nation in three point FG defense to 328th? Egad! Anthony Grant’s team gave up more than 74 points twice in 32 games last season. This year the Rams have given up more than 74 points FIVE times in 13 games. More from Tim Pearrell.

ODU is big, athletic, and can rebound. But I don’t care how good you are; nine quick turnovers and a 17-point second half deficit isn’t going to win you many games in this conference. Herman Favors is no longer on the Georgia State roster.

Mull summed up The Ub’s defensive struggles aptly by noting that at no point during the Mossmen’s loss to Mason did the Patriots go more than two possessions without scoring. Wow.

Hats off to Drexel’s Jamie Harris. He’s one of those kids starting earn the nickname “Much Maligned” for the punishment he’s taken. Harris, though, hit at least three daggers during a Hofstra attempted rally on Saturday. Every time the Pride clawed the game back to striking distance, Harris hit a shot to stem the tide.


(Five o’clocker for the Mason/State game, folks, and a nine o’clocker for the  VCU/Dub game)

Georgia State at George Mason: Irrational exuberance breaks out in DeeCee, and it has nothing to do with the upcoming inauguration. If you want my thoughts on this game, run back the tape of Nor’easter/William & Mary from Saturday. Somebody heads to the buffet table 3-0, and can somebody tell me what the heck Fios TV is? NeoNU 60, NeoTribe 46.

EDIT: Aha !!!! I’ll surf to see if “northern Virginia extends to Richmond.

ODU at The College: Blaine Taylor tried his best this morning to pump this up as a huge rivalry game. Taylor also has a great Va Beach timeshare offer for you. Finally, Taylor loves to use words like “introspective” and “provocation” when he discusses his locker room chats. I’m betting he actually uses shorter words, usually not longer than four letters. Go with the road team, though don’t forget the Tribe won this game last year. ODU 64, WM 61.

Hofstra at Nor’easter: It is so confusing. Hofstra is leading the country in rebounding, and the Huskies’s leading rebounder is its point guard. But the Hofstra coach says the rebounding thing is misleading. A friend of the program has already told me he expects the Pride to win this game. This is EASILY the best game of the night. My Friend is Wrong 63, Pecora is Right 58.

Towson at Delaware: Really, all that matters is that Towson is on the road and Delaware is playing with a ton of confidence. Nuf ced. Hens 78, Flying Tigers 64.

Drexel at JMU: Interesting matchup here of the resistable force meeting the movable object. The Dragons are bad offensively (but better if you listen to Bruiser this morning) and the Dukes are bad defensively (but better if you listen to Brady this morning). By March, this game breaks a tie. #10 68, #11 62.

UNCW at VCU: There are two great Siegel Center memories from recent Seahawks trips to Richmond. First, it was the famous Jeff Capel “picked up five guys in a van” comment from an 81-50 UNCW bludgeoning. Next, it was VCU coming from 18 down with five minutes to play and 10 down with two minutes to play to defeat UNCW on a senior day. There will be far less excitement tonight. Home Team 81, Road Team 63.


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