Clee-Shay Monday

Game action (Saturday, Monday) on its way, but until then, enjoy what the coaches had to say this morning. Vegas over/under on the number of coaches that talked about being consistent (because I lost count): 8.5

Tom Pecora

“We won’t really come together as a group until later this month, but hopefully sooner.”

On leading the nation in total rebounds: “The most important statistic in college basketball is offensive field goal percentage and we’ve been struggling in the last 10 days two weeks. The rebounding statistic can be a little misleading because (if you aren’t shooting well) there are a lot of opportunities.”

On Greg Washington: “He’s totally committed to getting his body together and shooting the basketball. He has great work habits. With a big guy you need to be patient. He came to us at 180 pounds we’ve got him up to 215 and by the time he leaves 20 pounds more than that. We need him to continue to be more consistent.”

On the conference race: “The unbalanced schedule is always an issue.”

Rod Barnes

“We’re a team still trying to work our way. It hasn’t worked the way we wanted it to work, but how can we complain being 2-0 in the league. We have a lot of urgency about getting better.”

“We had a whole week to prepare for Old Dominion and that helped us.”

“We had games early on where we didn’t respect our opponents.”

On the transfers and chemistry: “Blending the guys in has not been as big a deal. I didn’t think we had any great players in those transfers. I think the depth we have (is the real benefit). None of those guys I expected to be great players but collectively we could be a good team.”

On Mason game tonight:  “I just want to see us play better. It’s a long season. If you can steal one on the road, it may count for two later on. We’re in the best frame of mind we’ve been in all year.”

Anthony Grant

“So far we’re consistently inconsistent. We’ve got to develop a level of consistency. We’ve got to defend better and rebound better.”

“We’ve had some defensive collapses in the second half that have cost us the opportunity to win some games.”

Blaine Taylor

“The teams that are successful seem to have a guy sitting in the postgame press conference who (did something unexpected) to help them win a game.”

Tony Shaver

“Our biggest issue is lack of continuity.”

Note: Alex Smith had a bad migraine headache, complete with throwing up, against Nor’easter, which led to his near absence. Says Shaver: “We’ve got to get him healthy. I’m a better coach when he’s on the floor.”

Benny Moss

“We made a commitment to playing a certain way. Our depth wasn’t there to play the way we wanted to so we needed to change the way we were playing. It’s been an adjustment. Until the Mason game the other night I was proud of our progress.”

“We put five guards on the floor and we’ve got to get teams to play our way.”

Jim Larranaga

“The same five players have started every game.”

“We have three freshmen who are our sixth, seventh and eigth men.”

“We’ve always tried to establish a go to guy on the inside and on the perimeter.”

Matt Brady

“We are an offensive team that is very very inconsistent. I just don’t feel comfortable yet that we have a sense of how we want to play, especially in the last four or five minutes of each game. In that regard this team is going to be a work in progress.”

On freshman PG Devon Moore: “He’s the best defensive player we have on the team.”

Pat Kennedy

“We’re not so much young as we are new. We’ve learned a lot. We’ve come a long way. I think we can say for the first time that in any CAA game we have a shot and we couldn’t say that in years past.”

“Delaware is a very, very scary team when we look at them on tape.”

Bruiser Flint

“There’s not an upset in this league. It’s going to be very even.”

Bill Coen

On Chase Allen leading the team in reobunding: “Manny and Nkem are better rebounders. They are going to have to get on the backboard. (Laughing) “I’m not sure if its a proven formula for winning if you point guard is your leading rebounder.”


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