Late, but at the Party…


Delayed, but not forgotten. The reason is easy: if you ever need a place to stay on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, let me know. I have just the place.

Conference rundown is coming, but until then enjoy Brian Mull’s four-part series on what to expect.


William & Mary at Nor’easter (1:00): Throw that Memphis debacle aside, and every other Nor’Easter debacle. Poor Bill’s boys are beginning to get it together, re: balance. Three double-figures scorers and NKemO is close. Plus, their biggest problem may be the easiest to solve–a lot of bricks, a lot of the time. For The Shavers (and to borrow from Dave Barry, that would be a good name for a rock band), Dynamic Danny is overperforming, but it doesn’t seem anyone else is filling the void. Enter Alex Smith. The biggest question may be how Smith plays when the opponent’s jersey doesn’t start with the letters HA and end with the  letters RD.

Nor’easter is a bowl of Jello just after you pour in the hot water. I like them here, fairly large. Huskies 68, Tribe 58.

Drexel at Hofstra (2:00, MSG TV): Here’s two teams playing better than anyone (outside of the coaches locker rooms) expected. As noted by Beach, both teams resemble good YMCA squads. Okay that’s my terminology, not his. The point is that both teams shoot poorly but hustle and rebound their butts off. Charles Jenkins needs to shake out of a slump–partially due to the maturation of understanding he doesn’t need to shoulder the whole load–and as opposed to others, I like Corny Vines. For the Dragons, it is about swish. Bruiser’s Boys are last in the conference in every offensive category except body odor. A consistent Gerald Colds would help.

Bruiser gets credit, but Pecora is a pretty good screamer. Home team holds serve. Hofstra 64, Drexel 60.

Old Dominion at Georgia State (4:00): You heard it here first–if ODU shoots a high percentage from the field and finds a way to play efficiently on offense–avoiding the ugly lulls they’ve encounted the past few years–they will win the regular season. Period. No clue on the Panthers. Their only division one win this season was over The Dub, sad to say not exactly a ringing endorsement of talent. This has all teh makings of an ODU blowout, what with two teams going in opposite directions. Of course that fact alone means Georgia State will probably win.

I don’t see it, though. Georgia State has a four point lead in the second half but loses by seven, 62-55.

VCU at Delaware (4:30, CN8 TV): This one screams of a Delaware win. The Hens have five guys that can shoot the three, and VCU doesn’t exactly defend that shot very well. Plus, Larry Sanders won’t be as effective because the only reason the lane is painted at the Carpenter Center is so the court doesn’t look funny. On the other hand, Anthony Grant has always found a way to shut down opponents’ best scorer.

Note: scorer, not player. Jawan Carter will struggle and Egerson isn’t enough. VCU 79, Delaware 74.

UNCW at George Mason (7:00, MASN TV): Mason is good. Very good. Their issue is that if they get into a close game, that don’t have that guy. The ub has holes everywhere. But here’s the thing I cannot shake. If the Mossmen start getting up and down the court, John Vaughan will tire and Dre Smith will play out of his element and Darryl Monroe will order a cheeseburger.

Too much defense from the Patriots to allow free-wheeling fun. Mason 82, The ub 67.

James Madison at Towson (7:00): You have to be an absolute CAA geek (like me) to agree (with me) that this is the most interesting matchup of the weekend. I’ve touted the Dukes (and their coach) more than any other team during the past two months. I like the post-Jallohness of JMU. Love it in fact. Towson is a talented team with all the pieces that for whatever reason cannot get it all together. Odd. But the Flying Tigers are at home.

If I’m on with Regis, I’m using a lifeline. Since it is already 50/50, I’m phoning a friend. Big call: Madison 78, Towson, 76. Oh-tee.


~ by mglitos on January 2, 2009.

One Response to “Late, but at the Party…”

  1. Great win for Mason…I almost feel bad for UNCW…their roster is soooo thin…but, I don’t, because they’ll play us tough at Trask. I’m curious if Mason will slip up vs. Ga. State (like last year) or at Towson before that big game vs. ODU next. Sat…

    UD over VCU…very, very interesting…

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