Three (Plus One) Today, and Four Tomorrow…

Seven teams are taking their final licks of 2008 over the next two days. These are important games optically, to use a term coined by a friend. You see, the CAA stands either 58-60 in nonconference games, or 62-60 if you count non D1 games.

(Side note, you will see why I count them in a few days…)

A good performance slips the conference to the north side of the noncon Mendoza Line prior to Bracketbusters. I’m too lazy to look it up, but I believe last year’s final noncon slate was around 64-70.

Granted, in the grand scheme these games mean very little. The thought of a second bid evaporated with the egg nog this holiday season. Still, you never know. Imagine a Mason win tonight at Dayton. Nor’Easter at Memphis. Towson at NC State, and Drexel at St. Joseph’s.

No I have not begun New Year’s celebration early. I’m just a half-full guy that considers all possibilities.


George Mason at Dayton: I’ve got to admit that I know very little about Dayton, other than they are 11-1 and nearly every game they play at home is a sellout. The mindset tells me they are always about 20-12. The cheater looked up this: the Flyers are 1-1-1 in telling games. Dayton drilled Marquette, got drilled by Creighton, and barely beat Akron on the road. Full House 73, Growing Pains 65.

Toledo at Delaware: I was talking to an in-the-know the other day, and he asked my thoughts on various teams. I gave a rundown on what I thought, and stumbled on the Hens. Monte Ross has as many “good players” as anyone. The only thing I can figure is that Delaware is the worst defensive team in the conference that doesn’t have a hyphen in its official name. elaware 75, Maxwell Klinger 62.

Winston Salem State at Old Dominion: You think Blaine Taylor believes he overscheduled a smidgen last year?

JMU vs. Belmont: You know, Michael Jordan was a bad baseball player. Sorry for the miss, folks. Side note: I’ve been telling you Dukes fans since the summer–you may not like Matt Brady, but you are going to love what he does. The guy knows what he’s doing.



Harvard at The College: Am I the only one rooting for a poorly played, ugly, dumb-mistake-filled game that the Tribe wins? Yes, I can stereotype with the best of them.

Towson at NC State: Pat Kennedy’s Flying Tigers are about 2-473 on the road since he got there, give or take a game on either side of the ledger. Towson is going to beat some teams this year because they have the right makeup–multiple double-figure scorers (none of which is their primary assist man), they can play big or small or fast or slow, and they have players who can score. (Think about that.) Their problem so far this season has been an acute case of The Clanks. If the Flying Tigers can hit 55% they can win this game. Pack 81, Clank44 68.

Nor’easter at Memphis: Geez, this is a game I want to give to Notso Poor Bill. The tea leaves are in Cap’n Matt’s favor for sure. At minimum it is a trap game for Calipari. Plus, both teams will play defense, keeping the score down and giving the Huskies a reasonable chance. The only thing Memphis has in its favor is size and talent. Yep, that is it. The Ghost of Keith Lee 59, JJ Barea Punts Shoes 51.

Drexel at St. Joseph’s: Bruiser gets to coach this one. Hawks 62, Dragons 58.


~ by mglitos on December 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Three (Plus One) Today, and Four Tomorrow…”

  1. JMU plays Belmont tonight in the consolation game of the Cable Car Classic.

  2. JMU plays Belmont tonight in the consolation game of the Cable Car Classic at Santa Clara.

  3. Forgot one. JMU plays Belmont tonight in the consolation game of the Cable Car Classic.

  4. Fixed, and thanks.

  5. Mason blew another winnable game tonight. UGH. ARRRGHHHH.

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