Four in Seven Begets a Seven and Seven…

Multiple efforts today because we will be taking tomorrow and 1/1 off. Lots of work and relaxation on tap. We will return on Friday, 1/2, with everything you need to start the New Year knowledgeable.

Once we hit Saturday and the full conference slate, all 12 teams will sprint out of the blocks. With an increasing overall slate–in overall games and conference games–combining with a somewhat finite calendar, at some point in every season a team will be stressed with many games in a short time period.

The CAA was smart in how they approached it–everybody gets one game in December, and everybody is going to play four games in seven days to open January. It had to happen at some point; may as well be when students are not fully back in session.

Who benefits?

George Mason (Usain Bolt?) has a clear advantage. The Patriots play three of the four at home, with the lone roadie being a hard three-iron up I95 to Towson.

The Pat Center greets The Ub, Georgia State, (to Towson), then Old Dominion. With its December win over Drexel, the Patriots should be 4-0 at home against the Monarchs. We’ll talk about that game in the coming days.

Who hates this? Everyone, even Jim Larranaga. But it is a necessary evil.

Still, Monte Ross is particularly displeased. The Hens split two at home and two on the road, but are challenged on the court and on Travelocity. They get VCU at home on Saturday, followed by a homer with Towson on Monday.

Delaware quickly hops a flight to Long Island and Hofstra on Wednesday. From there, it’s the never-easy trek to Wilmington. Perhaps fly into Norfolk and hop a bus? (PS to Monte–I have restaurant recommendations.)

Tony Shaver also has ruffled feathers generic headwear. The Tribe heads to Boston and Matt Janning, gets greeted back home by ODU, then heads to the beach and The Ub before u-turning and heading home for JMU. Whew!

Here’s Your Team’s Skedder:

ODU: @Ga State, @W&M, JMU, @Mason

Ga State: ODU, @Mason, Northeastern, Drexel

VCU: @Delaware, UNCW, @Drexel, Hofstra

Delaware: VCU, Towson, @Hofstra, @UNCW

William & Mary: @Northeastern, ODU, @UNCW, JMU

Northeastern: W&M, Hofstra, @Ga State, Towson

JMU: @Towson, Drexel, @ODU, @W&M

Towson: JMU, @Delaware, Mason, @Northeastern

Drexel: @Hofstra, @JMU, VCU, @Ga State

Hofstra: Drexel, @Northeastern, Delaware, @VCU

UNCW: @Mason, @VCU, W&M, Delaware

Mason: UNCW, Ga State, @Towson, ODU


Random note per the conference pooh-bahs:

Delaware’s Jawan Carter scored 24 biggies in the Hens’s loss to Marist. It was Carter’s fourth 20+ effort in the past five games, and the St. Joe’s transfer has 11 straight double figures games. Marc Egerson went 21/14, his seventh double/double.


~ by mglitos on December 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Four in Seven Begets a Seven and Seven…”

  1. FWIW, ODU’s game against WM is away. (You have it correct on the Tribe’s schedule, but not ODU’s.)

  2. Fixed, and thanks.

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