Oh, Happy Day…

The house is a mess; that post-holiday combination of dessert plates, randomly-placed gifts, and those stacks of things “we’ll figure out what to do with when we take down the tree.” Short of a bulldozer or flash fire, I’m not sure where to begin.

But I could not be happier as I unwrap the new page-a-day calendar for 2009. You see, it told me that the conference season begins in full on Saturday. The Faux Angst Season is nearing its bitter end.

Sure, there are games between now and then, such as tonight’s intersectional tilt between UTEP and JMU. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is about time these two longstanding rivals finally found a way to make this game happen. (Analysis: should be a high scoring affair. UTEP loves to get up and down the court, and even though Matt Brady continues to preach defense, putting JMU in a fast game is like putting a piece of cake in front of me.)

But the battles we’ve grown accustomed to, and loved and hated, are right around the corner. There’s a lot to say between now and then, and we’ll get to it all. Two thoughts are top of mind: Revisionist History, and Four In Seven.

Short version: we’re going to take a second look at the conference race, now that we’ve, you know, seen some games. And I find it interesting that January begins with a sprint: every team will play four conference games in seven days to open the season–a Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday hoops bonanza that fans love and coaches hate.


Here’s what you missed since last thoughts, which consists of a CAA Threeball plus another Ga State meltdown. That’s 8 of 9 against D1 competition for Rod Barnes’s troops.


This is why Brian Mull is the best in the conference. Real analysis, legit research, and unfettered commentary despite relying on Benny Moss for “the good stuff.” Plus, you get Hank Williams and a Caddyshack reference.

PS–he is also dead on target. The Dub is just a bad defensive team. You can put any spin on it you want, but the plain truth is that this wasn’t going to be a good season at the beach prior to any injuries.

The defensive stats, when you sit back and consider their weight, are staggering. And not in the good way.

Still, the Mossmen put up a grand fight against Chris Mooney’s Richmond Spiders last night, a 76-69 loss.

Also last night, Towson lost on the road. Here’s a bulletin: fire is hot.


Today is not the day to be a VCU Rams basketball player. VCU defeated Hampton 59-54 on Saturday, but I’ve never witnessed Anthony Grant so displeased with his team. What’s more, I’ve never heard Grant admit he doesn’t have the answer.

There will be punishment.

Here’s the interesting thing: the buzz around Richmond is that the offense is out of synch, that guys aren’t–ugh, I hate this term–stepping up, or aren’t making shots. The stats don’t bear that out.

VCU is first in the conference in most every offensive category against what Ken Pomeroy calculates is the third toughest schedule in the conference.

Perhaps this is a season of the uglier the better for Grant.


Over the holiday, Jeff Goodman reported that George Mason’s Vlad Moldoveanu will be transferring. Destination unknown. (Vladie, vladie, vladie vladie soho…)


Housekeeping: I’ve added Dustin Dopirak in the links for JMU beat stuff. Also, the VCU link was updated to a site called Ramnation, a far better effort than most.


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2 Responses to “Oh, Happy Day…”

  1. did you sneak a little rancid in today? well played, sir.

  2. Just a little for the kiddies. Nice catch.

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