Weekend in Review, Oops Edition…

Self Oops: It seems in haste I neglected to mention Friday’s Mason/Radford game, and The Dub in Charleston. Mason wins, and The Dub does not. Another team shoots north of 50% on the Mossmen, and scores >1.2 points per possession.


Speak No Evil Oops: The Drexel Dragons are playing right now against Memphis without head coach Bruiser Flint. The CAA upheld its sportsmanship rule and sat down Flint for this game after the coach was tossed in the final 20 seconds of the Dragons loss to Bucknell on Saturday.

Flint picked up two technicals, and everybody that saw it agrees: he deserved the first one, and didn’t deserve the second one. In fact, Flint admitted he wanted the first one.

Here’s why we love Bruiser: he knows that his team and his season is about more than a mid-December game against Bucknell. There are larger goals. Let me put it this way: Flint’s decision to get teed up sent Drexel’s chances of winning that game from maybe 15% to zero percent.

If the team comes together, it is a very good investment.


Oops, I Forgot About Him: Alex Smith played his first 16 minutes in two seasons on Saturday. Sure, the Tribe beat down D3 Haverford, so Smith’s 6-6 performance is not as noteworthy as say 6-6 against ODU. But don’t sneeze at it.

Smith is another big body for Tony Shaver and was slated to start last year before injuring his foot (and then injuring his GPA).


Oops, I Forgot: Make shots. Hofstra piled up a 61-26 rebounding bulge on UMass Saturday and lost 97-81. Part of the problem was that the Minutemen made 15-26 threes and 53% overall while The Flying Pride made 36% on 85 shots. Unnamed Szabo doubed out with 10 and 17.


Major Oops: VCU looked pretty darn good against Oklahoma, for a little while. With two minutes to play in the first half and the game a one-pointer, Blake Griffin sat on the bench with two fouls. A strong finish to the half and the game would be theirs. It was, only “they” were Sooners.

This is about the sixth game I’ve seen in the past two weeks where you can cut up the stats all you want and talk about heart and emotion and all that jazz. But what it comes down to is this: make shots.


More later as there’s lots to get to…………..


~ by mglitos on December 22, 2008.

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