Dartboard Friday…

No, this isn’t a feature. There is news, there are notes, and your pre-holiday slate awaits. Heck, there might be more later today. Say it with me, Nicholson-as-Jessep style:

“I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very CAA coverage I provide, then question the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a keyboard, and surf the Internet. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to!”

I don’t know. I have much shopping today, so I don’t feel like organizing.


Let’s get the tough news out of the way immediately. Georgia State has fired athletics director Mary McElroy.

It seems awfully intriguing that statements a mediocre PR person could write are the official quotes. There is something there because it was quick, immediate, and somewhat unexpected. Something happened.

You are undoubtedly going to hear rumors sprout up covering everything from treason to animal cruelty. Don’t buy into any of it. Here’s a better tack: let it go. Focus on the future. There’s enough gossip to go around.

My personal belief is that they have their man already engaged: Bill Curry. That guy has always impressed me. He’s one of those people that gets it. I’m not privy to semantics, but if Curry isn’t the guy, then they should hire the guy Bill Curry says is the guy.


Last night, Drexel fell to Niagara 67-62. It isn’t completely unexpected, but it is the “how” that gets either very confusing or not at all.

The Dragons pummeled the Spray Starchers on the boards by a whopping 47-29. Evan Neisler was the best player on the floor. But in terms of the ultimate stat–making shots you take–Drexel misfired on 15 of 17 threes and shot 36% overall.

Notable: Niagara made seven threes and Drexel two, with the difference in teh game being that same margin.


The Dukes of Hazard took down Morehead State in a nooner yesterday, running its record to 2-0 in their Post Jalloh life. (Yes, they are 3-2 without Jalloh overall but 2-0 since they realized they will never have him back.) Kyle Swanston dropped in 23 for the second straight game, going 5-7 from way deep (and 1-4 from way close).


Bridging yesterday to tomorrow, since we all have Christmas party to attend this evening, there is this from Beach. Many of us remember fearing Kenny Adekele when he came to town to play Our Team. Kid was an absolute stud.

Money line: “Can you imagine the inside-outside game with Loren Stokes, Carlos Rivera, Antoine Agudio, Adeleke, Gibson and junior transfer Adrian Uter?”

Wow. Alas, the Lords of Even tend to whet our appetites with such thinking. They know it never works out that way, but they always make it close, so that we all have something interesting to ponder and wonder.

Imagine the Big Red Machine if it didn’t lose Gullet or have Nolan and Billingham in its rotation. Or for you young folks, if the Yankees had someone like Sabathia.

The Lords of Even always give us a playground to cheer. It’s more fun that way.

It’s a great thing, really.



Winthrop at ODU: I smell blowout, I really do. And this scares me because every time I smell blowout it is the kiss of death. Perhaps what I smell is still whatever was on my neighbor’s grill last night, which remains unidentifiable. Ben Finney posts “8” in six categories, and Darius James swishes four from deep. ODU 74, Winthrop 64.

Coastal Carolina at Georgia State: Dante Curry became eligible and scored 21 points the other night against Ga. Tech. He hit 4-7 from three. He also ahd three steals. I don’t know if you’ve been on the CC campus, but a trip to Atlanta is a death march. Panthers 78, CC 65.

Hofstra at UMass: We’ve spoken of this game. If the Pride is to have any chance, I think it resides on Dane Johnson. As much as Greg Washington has come around, he is still so skinny he doesn’t have a sideways. Somebody needs to get physical with Tony Gaffney. Side note: how come it is always “UMass” and not Massachusetts? Have we gotten that lazy? Minutemen 66, Flying Pride 59.

Drexel at Bucknell: Only four players have even attempted threes for Drexel, and only Jamie Harris is greater than 24%. Flip game here. Drexel 61, Bucknell 57.

VCU at Oklahoma: We’ve also spoken about this one, and you know the subplots and importance. At some point I will say Williw Wilson as opposed to Willie Warren, but that’s because I’m a baseball guy, pre-HGH. The New Capels 83, Old Capel’s Best Recruit 71.

Haverford at William & Mary: Aren’t these games supposed to be scheduled in early November? More on that topic coming soon. Tribe A lot, Haverford Not A Lot.


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2 Responses to “Dartboard Friday…”

  1. No love for Mason/Radford tonight? Did I miss a post?

  2. Ditto UNCW/Charleston?

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