Get In, Get Out…

I’ve got the Excel working overtime this weekend on what I hope is something you will chew on throughout the holidays. Part of that exercise is figuring the best way to depict the work here.

That said, the MPH must take precedence today, except for a jaunt to Outback for the Black and Blue Classic luncheon. Say hello if you are there.

Otherwise, enjoy erroneous predictions. (Side note: Unheralded reason conference season is great: weekends with only six games.)

Ohio at Delaware: The Maccats have been up and down, but mostly up. The Hens have been all over the place, but mostly all over the place. Eventually Delaware is going to put together 40 minutes of the basketball we all thought they would play. No better time than an OOC homer during exam week. YouDee 68, Ohio 64.

VCU at Richmond: You cannot think of Richmond in the way you thought of Richmond for the past five years. Chris Mooney has upgraded the talent on this roster and they are a legit 5-3 team. But with a Spiders football team in the national semis and VCU carrying more (and more vocal) support, the crowd is likely to be 50/50. The higher scoring this game, the better for the Rams. VCU 74, Richmond 66.

St. Francis (NY) at Hofstra: Not much to say here, other than the Pride continuing its march through Long Island. Whelliston bottom-lined it the other day: winning matters. Pecora 77, Don’t know their coach’s name, nor their nickname 59.

Florida State at Georgia State: You know when you are taking a trip, and just after gassing up you hit the interstate and there is almost no traffic and you get all those really good feelings? And 20 minutes later you are in second gear? That’s kind of like a 20-point win at Trask and then this game. ‘Noles 76, ‘Thers 65.

Towson at High Point: The Flying Tigers broke a 14-game road losing streak last week but has not looked good since. This is a right-the-ship game but also one that scares me. If we were playing Card Sharks, I would say 78 of you could not tell me where High Point is located. Towson 63, Kind of NE/Central NC 61.

On Sunday…

The Dub at Vermont: In years past I’d struggle mightily with the winner of this game. Sadly, today I’m struggling with margin of defeat. The Dub needs a few bodies to stop looking like my high school team–a 6-5 center and 6-4 white kid playing playing in the post. Maple Syrup 81, Bread Pudding at Caffe Phoenix 65.

JMU at Radford: With all the nice things I said about the Dukes earlier this week, they will lose this game. It’s that simple. Radford 73, JMU 67.

Drexel at Fairfield: Here’s what I know about the Stags. If you’ve ever had Stag Chili from Costco, you know why I won’t pick them (and only beating Fordham by three helps). Dragons 62, Stags, 55.

NC Central at ODU: Kind of like the Hofstra game, except I have a 9:30 meeting in the MPH. See you later. ODU 76, NCCentral 57.


~ by mglitos on December 12, 2008.

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