Quick Draw McGraw…

You want exasperating fun? Hit this page one evening.

Then, run around the website. Go from game to game, from the scoreboard to the game tracker link. Every now and then check the boxscore because you will be interested in a player’s progress once his name pops up a few times.

Because technology is equally empowering and frustrating, tracking games in this manner will wear you out, in the good way.

Last night I was able to get “instantaneous” updates during the waning moments of both the Hofstra win and the Nor’easter double-OT thriller. Never mind that we occasionally went back in time–a 57-52 Hofstra lead became a 54-48 Hofstra lead–I was able to “watch” missed free throws and Chuckie Stud steals down the stretch.

And while it took Nor’easter the same amount of real life time to play half the first overtime and all of the second overtime than it took to play out the final 1:51 of the Hofstra game, the back-and-forth within the website made for a taxingly fun way to stay on top of the action.

Imagine if there were also a teevee game to follow…in the background.

That gives me an idea…


Notable: I saw Greg Washington knocked down two big free throws late for the Pride. He was 2-2 on the evening.

Why do I call this out? Washington made three of 17 free throws last year. THREE FOR SEVENTEEN. Thanks to rounding, he hit 18%. Washington is 3-5 this year.

Also notable is Hofstra’s overall free throw shooting. If your name is not Jenkins or Sestokas, you are part of 71-130 marksmanship. That’s 54.6%.

Put a marker on that.


~ by mglitos on December 11, 2008.

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