Back to the Future…

Today just feels like last year, three years ago, and many years ago.

Last night I cleaned the dinner dishes, got coffee and my daughter’s lunch together, and settled in to watch Steph Curry take on Huggy Bear’s ‘Neers. I always keep an eye on Curry, but not for the reasons most people watch Curry.

Only when a Curry three thunks through the net–and it always sounds like a torpedo when it swishes, as if to make its own statement to distinguish itself from Curry’s other threes–do I actually pay close attention to the game. His swish pops me out of my own world.

I grew up watching his father Dell repeatedly put the ball between his legs and swish one from darn near Christiansburg, Va. Opponents struggled because Curry’s backcourt mate, Bimbo Coles, could create havoc in the lane and had to be guarded. Since Dell Curry rarely strayed to within 35 feet of either basket–he wasn’t exactly a defensive stopper–it was a tough call to make: cover the point guard five feet from the basket or the shooter who could make it from the scorer’s table?

Those were great times and every time Steph Curry hits the airwaves, I get to go back there. We toggled between Ralph Sampson and Jeff Lamp and some very good Virginia teams to Bobby Beecher and Charlie Moir and Virginia Tech, to jaunts down to the Greensboro Coliseum.

So I sat down and watched Curry brick it up until Davidson needed him and then was treated to this 15-year old gem. I don’t pay much attention to the Feast Weeks and Rivalry Weeks and Classic thisandthat. That’s why hearing this all over again was, honestly, a wonderful thing.

For me, the brilliance is that Valvano allows me to fill my day, his way, all within his speech. I laugh, I think, and I am brought to tears. It never gets old.


Spoke to an in-the-know, who told me that Old Dominion didn’t look impressive, at all, on Saturday against Richmond. He said the Monarchs won because they pushed around the Spiders in the first half and dictated the game.

Just like Blaine Taylor wants it.


Last night, the Flying Tigers stayed close to Saint Joseph’s for a half but wilted.

Also, Iron Men. I still cannot figure this team out. One would think that with five players getting most of the playing time, the Hens would at least be consistently good or consistently bad. But they are Consistently Undetermined.


Reserve your seat now. It says here that three guards, a foreign big man, many players contributing, and a guy named Greg Johnson is a formula for victory. Bonus Ozzie shot, too.



Nor’Easter at Harvard: This game pits two of the approximately 450 division one basketball schools in the greater Boston area. It’s too bad folks will be focused on Sabathia heading to the Yankees. Big Nor’Easter win.

Hofstra at Stony Brook: This game will be closer than folks think, but not really that close. It will drive the Bandwagon Driver crazy. What does all that mean? Just wait………..


~ by mglitos on December 10, 2008.

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  1. […] Everybody has to get their word counts in on that kid from Davidson. For me, it wasn’t about all those adjectives and verbs and similar stories. As much as I tried to avoid the topic, it hit me one night in a very memorable manner. […]

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