Forgot the (P)…and a Little R…

Hecticity: the state of being hectic. That newly-minted word aptly describes yesterday. Mea culpa on that one, as I missed setting up this week. Good thing, because late last night I received the conference notes from, aheam, the conference.


  • Hofstra’s Greg Washington had a rather palindromic week (another new word today), posting 11 points and 10 rebounds against Towson on Saturday and 10 points and 11 rebounds against Fordham. Washington shares the award with VCUs Joey Rodriguez, who hit 9-14 from three on the week. Rodriguez set a career high against Western Michigan with 17 points, and then played topper with 20 biggies against The Tribe.
  • Towson’s Tony Franklin earned the New Kids on the Block Award with a 14-point, nine-assists, 4.5 rebound week. Franklin is second in the CAA in assists.
  • The mantra: hold serve at home and steal some on the road, right? Saturday must’ve been Vince Coleman Appreciation Day, as five of six road teams won. The only team to protect: Old Dominion.
  • That scoring stat: four of the league’s top six scorers are sophomores–Chuckie Stud (21.9), Chad Tomko (19.6), Jawan Carter (17.5), and Fonzie Dawson (17.1). Only three seniors are in the top 18 scorers.
  • Ever so close to Mario Mendoza: The CAA is 39-40 in noncon action through last night. This includes going 4-7 in overtime games.
  • With all the time centered on Darryl Monroe, it may have been lost that Mason won on Saturday with nobody scoring in double figures. That is a first in the history of the program (1,196 games).



St. Joseph’s at Towson


Delaware at Hampton

Nor’Easter at Harvard

Hofstra at Stony Brook


No Games: decorate the house or do something otherwise festive or productive.


Saint Francis (NY) at Hofstra

Florida State at Georgia State

VCU at Richmond

Ohio at YouDee

Towson at High Point


The Dub at Vermont

Drexel at Fairfield

JMU at Radford

NC Central at ODU


~ by mglitos on December 9, 2008.

One Response to “Forgot the (P)…and a Little R…”

  1. VCU vs. UR is an intriguing match-up this weekend. That could be a dandy. As for my Mason boys not getting one guy in double figures…hard to know what to think. A win is a win…BUT, it would be nice if Mason had one guy this year who could step up and score 15-20 regularly. We don’t seem to have it. I love the balance, but there’s nobody willing to take over a game. Cam Long has shown some moxie lately, and I think freshmen Cornelius and Pearson could have potential to do so if given the freedom. It’s not going to come from the veterans (JR and SR classes), unfortunately.

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