The Week in (P)Review…Fishwrap Edition

I sort of miss my daily newspaper, the Richmond Times Dispatch. We canceled delivery of the actual ink-on-paper version of news gathering in September. It’s certainly less than I imagined.

For months prior to cutting delivery, the content dwindled, sections folded into others, and before I knew it I could blast through the whole thing in less than one cup of coffee. The sports section remained the first section I read, but it became no more than a perusal to see if any college hoops made the cut (never), and a quick check of agate for tidbits like the Cubbies record in the last 10 games or the PGA Tour money leaders.

Sadly the newspaper lost relevance. The information I wanted could be found elsewhere and it was more timely. There was more depth if I wanted it, and the new content economy made it easy for me to get the perspective and specialization, too. I could get Mull, Whelliston, Goodman, etc. instead of rehashed AP stories on the New York Giants or local minor league hockey.

I do miss VCU beatnick Tim Pearrell–he is very good at his job. I won’t get his fine work online mostly because I cannot bear to navigate that spew the RTD calls a website. Horrible. All in all there is precious little I am missing.

It’s an unfortunate passing, and our decision was not made with haste. These here blogs don’t rival a big mug of coffee on the deck on an early springtime morning.



Weakend Impressions
JMU has a bright future, if Matt Brady is as adept at developing talent as he showed at Marist. The Dukes didn’t quit in its loss to Nor’Easter and nearly pulled it out, despite playing without the JYD and Abdullai Jalloh. Devon Moore is solid, and Andrey Semenov is one of those do-a-little-of-everything players. Julian Wells struggled a bit and fouled out, but he is the best of the bunch.

Clearly, in my mind, this is a season of transition. Brady is going to play some funky lineups and combinations as he blends old and new. (Hint: Pierre Curtis.)

I’ll also say this: JMU is by far the runaway best hair team in the conference. Wells, Kyle Swanston, Ben Louis are at their locks-flopping best. Even Heiden Ratner’s GI Joe hat and Semenov’s 1980s preppie cut are impressive.

From the lack of hair department: I saw two games this weekend and never have I seen more bad shots taken. Some went in the basket, but plenty were accompanied by “what the?” looks on the faces of coaches.

Noteworthy–good shooting can cover up bad play. Nor’easter looked way out of synch and VCU looked like they’d prefer final exams. But both teams had stretches of repeated swishing that helped make them appear better than they actually played.

Keep an eye on that when cheering for Your Team. They won’t make fadeaway threes all night.


Charles Jenkins = stud. Nuff sed.


Methinks Darryl Monroe has officially taken himself off the floor in late game situations. In brief: Monroe was correctly called for an intentional foul on Drexel’s Scott Rodgers with Mason up three and time literally running out (three seconds, if memory serves).

Rodgers made both free throws but the Dragons were unable to make the gamewinner at the buzzer, a 56-55 Mason win.

Mason fans will remember a Monroe intentional foul that essentially ended Mason’s CAA tournament two years ago, the Maynor Dagger year.


You want wow stats? In its 68-46 loss to Georgia State, The Dub not only scored just 46 points, but they were 4-14 from the line. Get this: 8 total fouls. Five were Dom Lacy, one of my favorite players in the CAA.



The Keyon Carter watch is in effect.


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