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First, a quick bit of business: I keep linking over to Jerry Beach and his Hofstra-centric blog. While I’m not trying to wear you out with that, it’s for good reason. He’s doing a great job and I recommend it highly. This entry gives you a recap of a Tom Pecora interview with Mike Francesa, complete with a rant on the putridity–quickly becoming a favorite word of The Underdog–of Francesa.

Beach gives you Hofstra history, perspective, statistics, and analysis on this year’s team, and some pretty funny stuff. My job is to get you the good info, and I cannot do it all. Defiantly Dutch is what good looks like.


That said, the game to watch this weekend is Hofstra heading to Towson to get after the Flying Tigers.

We’ve been referring to Hofstra’s weak 5-1 record at least being 5-1. They are a team brimming with confidence. Even if they’ve beaten a bottle of scotch (Old Westbury) and an ohfer team that’s best known for, well, nothing (Fordham), the Pride has played multiple lineups/combinations. Using fewer commas, they are figuring it out.

I still love Mikkey Szabo, and Chuckie Jenkins is the best player in the conference not named Maynor.

Ah, but those Flying Tigers. They are annually picked near the bottom of the conference, and each year Pat Kennedy supposedly has his best team ever. I’ve watched them twice and this may actually be that year.

It was a tough start for Towson as they have fought through injury and suspension to a 4-3 mark. They are better than that record and will be a factor. It says so here.

Currently four players are averaging double figures. Nine players are on the court more than 16 minutes per game. Seven players are averaging more than three rebounds per game. Two players more than five assists per game.

Towson is playing tough defense–the Flying Tigers are top three in just about every defensive category in the conference–and they haven’t yet figured out how to make shots. This makes them dangerous.

Who are you going to game plan to stop? Granted, if the game comes down to final minute execution nobody is sure who will take the shot. But what about the other 39 minutes? Okay, I guess Josh Thornton knows who is going to take the shot, but I digress…

I like this team.

This is also one of the matchups I remember vividly from the travels writing Cinderella. Pecora mentioned to me five minutes before tipoff that Adrian Uter’s bum ankle was going to bite the Pride one day. It turned out to be that day, as freshman Timmy Crossin–who makes Matt Janning look like Methuselah–dished 10 assists and zero turnovers against Stokes, Rivera, and Agudio.


Here’s what The Zoners think after one month.


In other Saturday action…and I admit I’m a little gunshy to predict. Someone I respect hammered me last night for being this conference’s kiss of death. So here: EVERYBODY LOSES!

Just having some fun–somewhere in The Revelations is a verse about bald guys picking mid major basketball games correctly. The worse I am, the more time we all have.

Delaware at Old Dominion: This is the season’s first official Enigma Game. Delaware has got to play actual basketball at some point, right? I don’t know that any team has performed worse so far, but I’m not turning my back on Monte Ross. I’m choosing ODU here, but don’t be surprised if the Hens pull one out. ODU 62, Delaware 59.

Georgia State at The Dub: Wait, there is a team that has performed worse than Delaware. Two of them, in fact, and they get each other in this game. Georgia State has not beaten a D1 team this year, so getting The Mossmen is a perfect antidote, right? Then again, the reverse holds true. Even though my dog could score on The Mossmen right now, I’ll take UNCW 94-86.

VCU at William & Mary: Anthony Grant is as focused as they come. One of his Official Motto Statements is that last year has nothing whatsoever to do with this year. But if there were a game on the schedule where Grant would deviate and go down the “remember last year” path, wouldn’t this be the one? VCU 71, Tribe 62.

Nor’Easter at James Madison: Long road trip; not playing well; noon game…..Nor’easter has every reason to lay an egg. They won’t as both teams live up to expectations. Cap’n Matts 66, JYDs 61.

Hofstra at Towson: See above. This will be the game to watch. Towson 132, Hofstra 131 (12 OT).

George Mason at Drexel: I’m getting lazy. See the Nor’Easter writeup. Fighting Gunstons 75, Drexel 64.


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