More Nuggets, Less Drama…

So I was having a discussion about the fate of The Tribe earlier today with no less a scholar than Rob over at G: TB. We agreed that the CAA race is going to be interesting to watch unfold. Usually, despite nonconference performance and records, you can tell which teams are good and which teams aren’t.

This year, not so much.

I’m frequently asked what I think of this or what I think of that, and increasingly this year I admit I don’t know.

A more thought-provoking question comes from Jerry Beach: “But what if talent’s not the determining factor this year?”

Hoo-baby, I’ll be chewing on that one all the way through my daughter’s Christmas concert tonight.


Thanks to Brian Mull, I uncovered another a-ha stat to back up my vague and vapid analysis. (Okay, he uncovered it and I am linking to it. Stop splitting hairs.)

I’ve consistently maintained the three-point line is a heckuva lot of conversation about nothing. Ken Pomeroy has noted that three pointers made and three pointers attempted are down this year, by a whopping one percentage point (and change).

So of every 100 shots Your Team takes, Your Guy takes and makes one more three.


One more nugget, from Whelliston. Keep wringing the fingerprints from your hands, but the percentage of mid major wins over majors is higher this year.



Central Connecticut at Delaware: An Al Davis special.

Hampton at Georgia State: The Pirates look to extend their lead in the CAA over Liberty.

Rhode Island at Nor’Easter: Cap’n Matt has his consecutive game streak of double figures scoring snapped against South Florida. The whole team nearly matched him in the first half. If I was going to be dramatic, I’d call this some sort of statement game. It isn’t. It’s a hoops contest between regional rivals.

James Madison at Longwood: Mike Gillian, head coach at Longwood, is to be applauded. He is transitioning to D1 and looking for a conference and knows the icebergs in his path. He approaches everything in that “right way to do things” manner. I’m rooting for him in general, but not tonight.

Towson at UMBC: Another Al Davis special.

Richmond at Old Dominion: For those of you that haven’t followed the Spiders in a couple of years, this is a way different team. You wouldn’t recognize Chris Mooney’s bunch, and they will give ODU fits. This is a game where I choose ODU to win, based solely on Dad’s Rule.**

Fordham at Hofstra: The Pride looks to get to 5-1 by beating another weak team. Still, it’s 5-1 and I’m wondering how many teams have the confidence they need to just plain win.

East Carolina at The Dub: I still don’t like Mack McCarthy. I don’t think it is legal (you never know with the NCAA), but I’m telling Benny Moss his next round of golf is on me if The Dub eeks this one out tonight. (Note to investigators: I actually meant that Moss is going to sell me a box of cereal for roughly the same price as greens fees. They do that on eBay.)

**Newcomers Note: Dad’s Rule states that if you cannot determine who will win a game because the teams are evenly matched, choose the home team. I retained the important stuff from growing up, no?


~ by mglitos on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “More Nuggets, Less Drama…”

  1. What the heck is an “Al Davis Special”, anyway?

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