The Week in (P)Review, Go Guard! Edition…

The verse of successful mid major basketball seems to revolve around the same storyline. It may or may not be accurate, but it plays well to the masses so it has stuck. Successful mid majors have “guard play that rivals that in the major conferences.” It’s the big men that are the difference, I am told.


Well, if that is the case, then the CAA is going to win multiple tournament games this year. This is also why I don’t believe, purely, in the great guard theory.

There is a trend going on in our big little conference. Monte Ross starts four guards at Delaware. Benny Moss frequently sends four little Dubmen out with Dom Lacy (who is more of an oversizxed wing anyway). Anthony Grant has begun rotating Larry Sanders and Kirill Pischalnikov with a bevy of guard combinations. Even Tom Pecora, as noted yesterday, is whittling away the minutes of his bigguns.

We’re also seeing more pressing and trapping, and the Daz Thorntons of the world aren’t exactly suited to that style. Increasingly coaches are requiring each other to (literally) keep up with a fast paced game. (Side note: none of this has anything to do with the three point line, so zip it up.)

The result is entertaining, if not ugly, basketball. And with a nonconference season lacking in success pep, the matchups come January are going to become interesting to analyze, if you are a geek like me.

Coaches are notorious copycats, so keep that in mind when you see a lineup for Your Team that sports one player taller than 6-5.


I don’t know that we need to review last week. Just picture Bill the Cat, only without the clarity.


George Mason (0-0) at Liberty (1-0): Tribe note, after losing to Liberty…I haven’t seen Tony Shaver lately, but if he hasn’t grown out his trademark Stache, I will be severely disappointed. That’s an affront to karma and superstition and the quick route to 4-14.

Cal State Northridge at Drexel


William & Mary at Loyola (The Ill version)


Central Connecticut at Delaware

Hampton at Georgia State

Rhode Island at Nor’Easter

James Madison at Longwood

Towson at UMBC

Richmond at Old Dominion

Fordham at Hofstra

East Carolina at The Dub


Western Michigan at VCU


Rest period!


Delaware at Old Dominion

Georgia State at The Dub

VCU at William & Mary

Nor’Easter at James Madison

Hofstra at Towson

George Mason at Drexel


~ by mglitos on December 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Week in (P)Review, Go Guard! Edition…”

  1. Well. So. Apparently there’s another Curry kid. That is vexing.

  2. Hey Michael, this is Razor Ramon from the CAAZone. Had a bit of a favor to ask you. My buddy and I decided to start a semi-serious, semi-Onionesq blog about the tourney bubble.

    Was wondering if perhaps we could link to you, we are struggling for traffic right now.

    If you want, check out our site

    It’s not great, it isn’t terrible, but it’s 2 guys honest opinion about college bball.

    Appreciate the help and if not, I understand.

    Thanks, Jon.

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