Eric Maynor Had Better Not Play Bored…

I watched both games of the Cancun Challenge last night, first taking in Vanderbilt’s drilling of Drake and then VCUs victory over New Mexico. Vandy was, by far, the best team.

In VCUs victory, Eric Maynor was clearly going through the motions. It showed in his seven turnover preformance. The trademark scowl on Maynor’s face, whether a good play or bad, wasn’t there. Maynor even held a blank stare after consecutive trips down the floor in which he made silly fouls that led to two traditional three point plays.

If Maynor plays that way tonight, Vandy over VCU is going to look like instant replay of Vandy over Drake. And with a 10:30pm tip, that’s awfully late on a Sunday night to stay awake, especially considering that is my definition of a boring basketball game: one team takes an early 12-point lead, and the lead toggles between 10 and 18 points for 35 minutes. Ugh.

And about CBSCSN, or whatever that awful telelcast was that I found on Fios Channel 94. Ick. Mislabeled graphics, when they chose to show any, and pitiful color commentary choices left the entire production value of the game close to zero for me. Two highlights for me: VCUs Larry Sanders apparently plays for New Mexico and wears #33; and I found it disturbing that Pete Gillen repeatedly wanted to take VCUs Joey Rodriguez home with him.

Side note: that whole Cancun Challenge thing is a riot. You oughta check it out. They have actually cleared a ballroom and put in a hoops court and a few rows of bleachers–check out the lighting. Reports from CAAZone VCU fans even say there are bars at each end of the court, and waiters come to your seat and take your dirty dishes. Love that.

And the teevee portion is a riot, too. It’s like a giant infomercial for the resort and its suppliers, with four-minute interruptions of college basketball.


Anyway, it was a rather bleak Saturday for the CAA. You can click on the link and go to the box that interests you most. To me:

Old Dominion shot 57% from the field but was once again out-toughed in losing to Marshall 68-64. This is the second time I’ve been forced to write that ODU never gets out-toughed. At 1-3, they need a leader. What they seem to be missing is a sonofabitch. The Monarchs have always had one of those.

YouDee let one slip away against Seton Hall, and Nor’easter scored 11 first half points against South Florida. The Huskies went on a hot streak towards the end of the game to finish with 37 whopping points. I was checking, and at one point Cap’n Matt and the boys were shooting 14%. They ended up a blistering 24% for the game. This happens.

The Dub gave up a Holy Crap run of 28-5 to open the second half in its loss to Texas A&M Corpus Christi. The Mossmen committed 19 second half turnovers and were outscored 58-26. The surprise in this one is the “A&M Corpus Christi” part of their opponent’s name.

Stop crying. Mason whipped Ohio for (finally) a good mid major victory. And Hofstra took a stride forward in defeating Manhattan 65-61 behind Chuckie Jenkins’s 23 big ones. Notable for me: everyone talked about Hofstra’s size going into the year. The supposed Block Duo of Dane Johnson and Greg Washington played 14 total minutes, scoring three points and grabbing four rebounds. Pecora started three guards, which is a very good segway into the discussion point for tomorrow’s Week in P(R)eview.


Quick check of the scores finds The Dukes having their way with Fordham, 23-10, with four minutes to play in the first half. Any additional commentary would be liveblogging, and we don’t do that here.


~ by mglitos on November 30, 2008.

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