Weekend Shift Work…

A bit o’randomness as yesterday’s glad tidings of great joy settle in, which includes my backside on the couch…

Poking around, I stumbled onto The Dub leading by 12 at the half againt NC Central, 42-31. So I dug a little deeper, and found why getting to games is much better than the couch, and why Mull is the best in the conference. Yes, I know it’s south Texas and a long way home, but you get a flavor of practices. Good stuff.


Pat Kennedy’s Flying Tigers get Villanova tonight. In a completely dissimilar game, The Tribe play SC State in Lynchburg, a sentence that can only be written during Thanksgiving. I’m thinking the total points, from both games, will net to zero.


I’ve got UAB/BC going in the background, and I’ve got to say that Steve Lavin is pretty darn good. I get this by using the extremely scientific measurement method of: I don’t like the look of the guy and feel like I need to wash my hands when he finishes speaking, and I’m doing everything I can to call him an idiot. But he is avoiding the tag.

Side note: UAB looks awfully good, until they miss uncontested two-footers.


The shift work continues tomorrow. We start with ODU at Marshall at 11:30am, and finish with VCU vs. New Mexico in Cancun at 11:00pm. Seven games tip and end in between.

I’ll be back.


~ by mglitos on November 28, 2008.

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