Focus on the Food, and Gregg Doyel is Still Smart…

You are wringing your hands about your crappy college basketball team, and there are people who won’t eat a Heap Big Spread tomorrow. And how many people do you know either just lost their job, or don’t have one? Let’s keep this in perspective, please.

That said, methinks the furor with this season can be summed up from last night’s VCU loss to East Carolina. From the 14:00 mark of the second half to about the two-minute mark, VCU allowed the Pirates to score on 16 of 19 possessions. VCU forced only one turnover in that span.

If an Anthony Grant team chooses to play little defense, something is clearly odd.

Marker #2–Old Dominion was not the tougher team on the floor last night against Bucknell. There are teams that will play “as tough” as the Monarchs, but rarely do they look softer. I spoke to a couple in-the-knows who said ODU isn’t the same team You are used to seeing.

More later to include Thanksgiving wishes, as the family is descending and I’ll spend tomorrow refilling my drink and finding the room with the least number of people.


From time to time, I receive an email asking why I don’t provide many links to boxscores, nor talk about happened during the game. I always answer that I don’t find much value in them. My goal is to look inside those items to find you what is important and provide commentary and opinion and frame what I think it means. What I’m trying to do here is about you.

To wit: see above note about VCU. That the Rams shot 47% or 42% or were outrebounded by five is immaterial. That they didn’t stop ECU on 16 of 19 possessions for a team that is supposedly defensively superior is very important.

Anyway, I keep getting the emails, so I wonder if I am properly explaining the difference.

Yesterday, I found an interview with Gregg Doyel from CBSSportsline (or whatever they are calling it these days). Doyel was one of our favorites when he was doing college hoops. Anyway, Deadspin interviewed him, and a snippet stood out as the best way to describe why you don’t get a ton of boxscore links:

“The straight game story is a dinosaur. It’s a complete waste of time, the Catholic ritualization of empty gestures. Hell, all stories, other than breaking news — and even that, come to think of it — are being (or
should be) written with more insight, analysis and opinion. More like a column, in other words. A straightly written story is an insult to readers, considering many of them already know the news before they click on us, whether we’re online or in print. It takes some kind of gall to assume people are getting information from “us,” whoever “us” is. We need to get away from the “who, what and when” and focus more on the “why” and “how.” And I think we mostly do, across the board. Those who don’t … suck.”


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