Holiday Style Week in (P)Review…

You’d think that this is a week of coasting and feasting. Work gets a little slack, folks on vacation, holiday spirit and all. The blog should flourish, a veritable cornucopia of CAA delectibles. (Side note: we’ve officially entered the eight-week period each year in which you are allowed to use the word cornucopia.)

You would be wrong.

I’ve been holed up, cranking out work for the MPH, for BBState, and for you. Let’s not forget that the holiday brings family, which means the yard must be raked, the gutters cleaned, and three extra trips to the ABC store made. (Bonus side note: Olde English Egg Nog is worth it, not to be confused with Old Westbury.)

Plus, I’m still in the lab working on that science experiment. So because everything is a smidgen haywire anyway, and if you use your brain with the big golf analogy, we’ll only have need to look forward. Besides, we can only impact the future, so there’s no use trying to re-manage the past. (Life lesson there, cuppy.)

I will, however, be around all weekend long, and the multiple trips to the ABC store may benefit you in ways you never dreamed. So stay tuned all week.


Vermont at Delaware: You didn’t notice Jawan Carter last week, but I did. Plus, you are looking at Vermont’s performance against Maryland. Hens will roll tonight. Is there any team in America hated more than Maryland?

Boston University at Nor’Easter: I’m not scared of terriers, and neither is Cap’n Matt. I’ll take the Huskies big based on nicknames alone.

Mt. St. Mry at George Mason: An Al Davis special…

ODU at Bucknell: Pat Flannery is no longer at Bucknell, and this team isn’t that good. This will be a name win, but not as good as you think.

The Dub at Texas A&M: The Mossmen have their work cut out for them, which–considering their injuries and general short-handedness–I’m thinking is going to become their official motto. UNCW Basketball: We’ve Got Our Work Cut Out For Us!

Georgia State at Troy: Just because Jacksonville State also beat UMass doesn’t mean there is anything excusable about the Panthers losing that game. It only means two schools need to be shaking their heads. They’d better be mad. Panthers win.

VCU at East Carolina: I have a sneaky feeling VCU is going to get after it a little. You don’t turn the ball over 26 times and make Anthony Grant happy. Sure, ECU coach Mack McCarthy was once VCUs coach, but nobody liked him. VCU big.

Radford at William & Mary: I once drove to Radford to pick up a date for a W&M formal. It wasn’t worth it. Tribe wins.

Yes, I’m calling a 7-1 night.


Towson at Villanova

The Tribe vs. South Carolina State

The Dub vs. NC Central


ODU at Marshall

Ohio at George Mason

VCU vs. New Mexico

Hofstra at Manhattan

Delaware at Seton Hall

Nor’easter at South Florida


JMU at Fordham


~ by mglitos on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Holiday Style Week in (P)Review…”

  1. Ok – we didn’t come close to 7-1 but you left out the JMU game which actually helped turn the night into a 3-6 downer.

    Long way to go to for JMU this year.

    Good news – we have a great freshman class who is carrying the bulk of scoring. (Long Term)

    Bad news – we have a great freshman class who is carrying the bulk of scoring. (Short Term)

  2. You left out the JMU game which actually turned into a win last night to give us a big 3-6 downer for the night. JMU has a long way to go.

    Good News – we have a great freshman class that is carrying the bulk of the scoring. (Long Term)

    Bad News – we have a great freshman class that is carrying the bulk of the scoring. (Short Term)

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