Your Weekend Primer, Hyperbole Edition…

This is a big weekend. Big, big, big, as in huge. Massive. Important.

Okay, this is the first big weekend. There will be more big weekends before the truly big two or three big weekends in March. But this one holds a special bigness, for it may go a long way to define whether or not future big weekends are indeed big.


What I mean is that there are several games this weekend that are proving grounds and significant in how the rest of the country perceives the CAA. You see, we all talk a big CAA game. We skew statistics and find inequities and bemoan scheduling. This is the weekend that allows us to do those things with any kind of credibility. Otherwise we may as well zip it up and go enjoy our one-bid existence.

Put bluntly, if you go 4-4 against a bunch of RPI 150 teams, that’s what you are. Collectively, this is a big weekend.

On Saturday, ODU hosts UAB and VCU travels to Rhode Island. Mason heads to ECU. If we want to posture the CAA is as good as Conference USA and the A10Plus, these are must-win games. Dramatic, yes. Accurate, you betcha. This is the opportunity.

On a different “tier,” Nor’easter has Holy Cross, Delaware has Marist, and The Dub heads to Kent State. All three on the surface are winnable. Important? Maybe, maybe not. But how good are those wins if those three teams win their conference?

Finally, Drexel can grab a headline at Georgetown. It’s win or lose here. Margin doesn’t matter.

Yeah, it’s big.


Television Note: The ODU/UAB game on Saturday is being picked up by CSNPlus. One of their outlets is, and this isn’t a typo, C-Span. So flip around your teevee listings. You may find a nugget.



Delaware vs. St. Bonaventure:

Kennesaw at James Madison


Drexel at Georgetown

George Mason at East Carolina

Jacksonville State at Georgia State

UAB at Old Dominion

Hampton at Towson

Navy at William & Mary

VCU at Rhode Island

Holy Cross at Nor’easter


The Dub at Kent State

Marist versus Delaware


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2008.

One Response to “Your Weekend Primer, Hyperbole Edition…”

  1. Nice win for Mason over a C-USA foe on Sat…especially after that horrid performance on Thurs. night…It’s interesting how one of the elite freshmen has stepped up in each of the three wins thus far this season, too. Whoa…Birdsong is actually alive, too…but…


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