Just Plain Icky-Poo…

There’s a better than average chance that the George Mason players will never see a tape of last night’s 50-44 loss at Hampton. I’m wagering Jim Larranaga feels there’s nothing to be learned from the Patriots dismal performance. Good thing that Friday is Burn That Tape Night in Fairfax. Some of the statistics are, uh, “interesting:”

  • Even though we view assists as dubious under the Corchiani Rule, there’s no getting around the putridity of four assists and 23 turnovers.
  • While 33% FG shooting happens, if your last name wasn’t Birdsong or Monroe you were part of an 8-37 assault on the rim. That’s 21.6%. And how does Monroe take only five shots?
  • Seven foul shots? Amazing, considering the offensive rebound haul was 18.
  • The final score of 50-44 is the first half, under 8:00 media timeout score at a UNCW game.
  • A friend told me that he couldn’t remember the exact number, but at one point Mason misfired a number of consecutive times: “I don’t know what the number was, but it was in the teens.”

Anyway, let’s put that behind us. I know Larranaga will.


More ick can be found here. It seems the JYD will miss JMUs game tonight against Kennesaw. And for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball, we wish Juwan James the best.


Last season I chose to first refuse the team from Wilmington its upper case D. Then, I took the letter away for a brief time. One would think, after allowing Wake to drop a cool buck-twenty on them, the Seahawks once again will become known as The ub. Not so.

Even though I think it’s funny that Benny Moss says they need to improve their transition defense when there is no other defense to be played at their tempo, The Dubs are getting after it as best they can. To say they are playing shorthanded is like saying Madonna isn’t growing old gracefully.

UNCW was already a small team. Even their guards are somewhat undersized. But it’s getting, well, icky-poo for the Mossmen. The fact that Montez Downey had been playing power forward at 6-5 and 220 pounds is only exacerbated by his replacement, Jerel Stephenson, is 6-5 205.

It’s a tremendous domino effect–one uncomfortable but necessary move begets another.

Mull’s Money Quote: “It cripples the Seahawks depth. They need nine or 10 players to be able to play their up-tempo style.”

Side note: I’ve got to recheck my schedule. With games that resemble a tennis match I’ve got to get down there to see them live.


~ by mglitos on November 21, 2008.

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