Other People’s Work (And Some of My Own…)

They’ve got a couple of goodies going on over at the CAAZone. First, there’s the pure fun of being a half-full or half-empty fellow. Then, the legit topic of scheduling is discussed, started by Bruiser Flint comments in the Philly fishwrap.

I have three comments:

1. Message boards are the homework (or home game version) of being at an actual game. There’s a lot of posturing and stupidity and misinformation, but you can find some good stuff.

2. We’ve always said we love Bruiser because he ducks nothing. All I’ll say here is read it, because Brusier is 100 percent right. Unfortunately it doesn’t get us any closer to a solution, but it nails the problem on the head. Remember three years ago when everybody was talking about two bids, Bruiser was talking about three bids. And then Hofstra got shafted. Flint is smarter than you think.

3. I fear for the poor guy defending The Dub’s defense. Rebounding, at last check, is a vital part of defense. Giving up 46% shooting isn’t good defense. And forcing Troy into 14 turnovers in a high possession game–and I’d wager Benny Moss agrees–is actually bad. UNCW is giving up 1.04 points per possession, ninth in the league. They aren’t going to be playing a lower level Sun Belt team for much longer.


We went over the Drexel victory over Penn, and there were two other CAA Games last night. Delaware lost to BobMo, and JMU beat MVSt. Nothing newsworthy, so let’s move on.

Edit: I lied. In the JMU win, the JYD had a DNP due to illness. Astoundingly, Abdullai Jalloh played 11 minutes. Put a marker on this one.


The Futile Superfans are back and providing a much better preview of Tribe Hoops this week than I could ever dream of writing. Keep in mind, they are “the internet’s 3rd or 4th leading purveyor of obscure W&M hoops previews and arcana.”

Always great stuff by the staff of G: TB.

Side note: check out the graphic. The kid (and I’m 40 so I get to say kid) who brought the “That Just Happened” sign should be a legend. I’ve never seen one more suited for a college student getting himself on teevee. That was great last March, and it is better now.


In other CAA games this evening…

South Dakota State at VCU: I had a chance to interview SDSU coach Scott Nagy in late summer. He was funny and upbeat. One of the last things he told me was that his team was terrible about taking care of the basketball. That’s not a good omen against a team that presses you from Gate 8B at RIC. VCU 74, SDSU 56.

The Dub at Wake Forest: Earlier this week, I provided the incisive commentary that “this scares me.” I did some homework during lunch today and have to clarify one thing: This REALLY scares me. Weak Florist 97, The Dub 84.

Norfolk State at William & Mary: All that’s left for me is a score. CWM 69, NSU 60.

Southern Poly at Georgia State: Here’s what you need to know. Southern Poly’s nickname is the Runnin’ Hornets. Really, I promise. That’s bizarre. I never knew that as well as a hornet could fly, it is even better on the ground. Amazing what knowledge is gleaned via college basketball. I’m calling Pat Kennedy: the Towson Flying Tigers. Yeah.


Late note…for those of you that are so inclined, our friends over at Storming are live blogging games this year inside their interface. Now, they cover the big boys but have an appreciation for what we do. Heck, they–and these are my words not theirs–cover the Major Conferences because they have to. They are the kind of guys who can’t admit it but they’d rather be in Trask or The Ted any day.

I was able to spend about 15 minutes with them yesterday during the Penn/Drexel game and it was worth it. Good stuff.


~ by mglitos on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Other People’s Work (And Some of My Own…)”

  1. I appreciate you saying that, knowing your on-record comments about the concept of live-blogging. Since we mostly put up the software as a way to get our friends together from all over the country and talk shop about hoops while a game is going on, we may not even deserve the title of “live blog”.

    Since our site is run by a Temple grad and an ODU guy, you can count on us spending our conference post-season weekends with Kyle Whelliston and MGL every time.

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