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While it is true that Nor’Easter opened the hoops season on Tuesday afternoon, in all honesty the season starts tonight–and this weekend. I admit to being a bit obsessive about this week, which includes this very long entry.


William & Mary at Penn State: Another Fios sensation is Big Ten teevee. If it weren’t for a little cotillion issue, I’d be in front of the tube. Sadly, Tony Shaver and his naked upper lip will have to take on the Nittany Lions without me. My trusty Blue Ribbon has Penn State a MoP Big Ten team (that’s middle of the pack). This will be a matchup of styles, as Penn State likes to push the ball. For whatever reason, Shaver wins style battles–basketball, not fashion. I’m taking the good guys here. Tribe 67, Salisbury Lions 62.

Hofstra at Clemson: There’s nothing like a team I like playing a team I like to see beat storied ACC teams. Plus, Clemson head man Ollie Purnell is an ODU guy. KC Rivers is the best player on the court and he has help. This is a talent gap game. The Pride beats Vegas but not the Tigers. Clemson 76, Hofstra 64.

Appy State at The Dub: I refuse to believe The Dub loses to App State in Trask. It just can’t happen. Can it? The Flying Tomkos 88, The Other ‘Neers 82.

Georgia State vs. Bowling Green: The Falcons are a MoP MAC team and have the shorter commute to Minnesota. For the first time in 8 years, Jim Larranaga is speechless when Panthers head man Rod Barnes calls and asks for a scouting report on his old team. Everybody is going to be talking about the transfers, and Lennie Medez will hit for 18. I’m thinking there will be some irrational exuberance in Atlanta tonight. GSU 72, BGU 58.

Navy at Towson: Hard to believe, and last season’s first head scratcher: Towson lost this game last year, and it wasn’t close (73-57). Not gonna repeat, as Kennedy has options, even with the suspended players. You know, I think we’ve officially eclipsed the “not long ago” time frame for when Navy was in the CAA and had David Robinson. Indeed, that was a long time ago. The CAA Tigers 68, Academy 59.


George Mason at Vermont: When I think of Vermont, I think of maple syrup and good skiing. And wasn’t it the home base of the Newhart show? My point is that you don’t think of Vermont and college basketball, and we follow college basketball! Even former coach Tom Brennan–who as a side note is about 459 times better as an analyst than you think–doesn’t immediately come to mind. What does all that have to do with the game? Nothing, and that’s my point. I fear for the Patriots. Eat at Kirk’s 57, No Gunston, No Crime: 54.

Georgia State at Concordia: Next.

Nor’Easter at Providence: If you listen to the bleatings of the Big Boy Media foofs, we are darn close to splitting up the 340-odd D1 basketball teams into two divisions: The Big East Plus Carolina Division, and the Everyone Else Division. It says right here, right now: if 10 Big East teams dance, prepare for the world’s largest explosion/PR campaign. And I’m not talking mid majors either. Think Gary Williams when a charge/block goes against him, along with a Big Ten who is so self important that they started their own teevee network. Getting back on topic, this is easily my homer pick of the week and hte reason 11 Big East teams won’t dance. The Nutpees 62, Another Larranaga Outpost 59.

Hofstra at either Western Michigan or TCU in Charleston: I know Western Michigan is a good MAC team, and I lost track of TCU when they left (or were booted from) the Southwest Conference. It’s impossible to predict, but I am nothing if not consistent. Hofstra 72, Western Christian 67.


William & Mary at Ohio: You know, for everyone dying for a Big Ten/ACC Challenge series for the CAA, I’m guessing predicting a lot of CAA/MAC games. Now, Ohio is either a mess or very happy, as they ran their unpopular coach out for John Groce. They also have a MAC stud in Jerome Tillman. Let me put it this way: The Tribe finishes the weekend 1-1. Whatever they do on Friday night, go the opposite way here. A lot of science in these picks, no?

Citadel at VCU: What are the chances Anthony Grant sits down Eric Maynor for the entire second half in a real game? A little higher than you think. VCU 83, Citadel 58.

Rutgers at Delaware: The Scarlet Knights are this year’s version of last year’s Delaware–they were bad overall, bad offensively, and returned all five starters. That takes awhile to (Pau) Geli. The Hens are going to get a couple of teams in the noncon portion, and it starts here.But let’s not get carried away–this is like beating Duke in football. Delaware 66, Rutgers 58.

Old Dominion at Charlotte: I still stand by this being an early season Ali-Frazier matchup. Charlotte returns four starters from a 20-win team, with only leading scorer and general bad ass Lee Goldwire graduating. Hide the children. ODU 52, Charlotte 50.

Towson at Niagara: Sadly, I’m wearing out and have to get some real work done. I’ll take the MoP CAA team over the MoP MAAAAAAAC team every day. Towson 78, Spray Starch 72.

Georgia State at Minnesota: Rod Barnes is again greeted with silence on the phone after calling forner VCU assistant Tubby Smith for a scouting report on Minnesota. Smith, always the prankster, gives Barnes the low down on Kevin McHale’s post moves and Jim Schickenjansky’s jumper. If I could only spell Schickenjansky. Gophers 71, Panthers 62.

Hofstra at Somebody Else in Charleston: Yeah, right.


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