Mess With the Bull, You’ll Get the Horns…

A very interesting move by VCU head coach Anthony Grant last night…his Rams were flailing their way through an exhibition tune up against Virginia State, leading by just a handful at the half.

Normally in these circumstances, a coach will jump on his best player in the locker room, challenge the player to be a leader by example. Perhaps the star sits the first four minutes of the second half. It’s the “message.”

Grant did exactly the opposite.

Maynor didn’t take off his sweats after halftime, and it wasn’t punishment for the preseason conference POY. Rather, it was to challenge “the other guys” on the roster.

Grant told Tim Pearrell of the Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Maybe it was a message, or maybe it was just me as a basketball coach really wanting to see what I was dealing with, what type of character, what type of will, what type of passion, what type of players we had around him. I know what I’m going to get out of him. There’s some unanswered questions that we’ve got to figure out at some other positions.”

Said sophomore Larry Sanders: “We can’t hide behind Eric all year, in his shadow and just wait for him to do something. . . . I think sometimes we think he’s super human, and we forget that sometimes. . . . We can’t hide behind him. We have to go out and play.”

Grant also sat in his chair, face resting in his hand, wordless, for the last eight minutes of the game.

Side note: Virginia State coach Tony Collins is a treat to watch. No emotion is kept inside, and I’m thinking he walked 438 miles last night up and down the sideline. Collins is in my top three, all time, most fun coaches to watch coach.


A Tom Pecora Q-and-A, courtesy of Jerry Beach at Defiantly Dutch. Beach is also the leader in the Analogy Clubhouse, noting a couple of days ago that watching Nor’Easter win a real game while Your Team is playing exhibitions is like going over to someone else’s house and watching them rip open Christmas presents. Nice.


~ by mglitos on November 13, 2008.

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