The Week in P-review…

Note: expect this feature, which came to me last night as I was coughing up an unidentified vital organ at 3:00am, to run every Monday throughout the season. Since this is Day One and Two Days Late, it will be slim pickins. But the goal is to develop it into a weekly planner type entry.

Nor’easter at Michigan: Two roadies to open the year, one against a Big Ten team? Factor in that by season’s end the IUPUI win will be a good win, and yes, this would be nice.

William & Mary at Penn State
Hofstra at Clemson: The Tigers are the ACC version of Nor’Easter.
Appy State at The Dub: B-B-B-Benny will have them running; hopefully to a win.
Georgia State vs. Bowling Green: All that SEC/ACC talent is finally on display. This is my most interesting game to watch this week, in terms of long term vision.
Navy at Towson

George Mason at Vermont
Georgia State at Concordia
Nor’Easter at Providence
Hofstra at Somebody in Charleston

William & Mary at Ohio
Citadel at VCU
Rutgers at Delaware: Good early test for Monte Ross.
Old Dominion at Charlotte: An early season Ali-Frazier matchup.
Towson at Niagara
Georgia State at Minnesota
Hofstra at Somebody Else in Charleston


~ by mglitos on November 12, 2008.

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