Poor, Poor Bill…

Check out Nor’easter at Michigan on ESPNU (another reason to switch to Fios). If you aren’t among the enlightened, check them out here.

As for the ye olde prediction mill:

Crisler Arena is no Chrysler. And that kid that went for 30 for Michigan isn’t playing Michigan Tech. (He needs no name because you’ll forget him after tonight.)

Still, that’s a ton of talent playing at home. The Nutpees stay close for a long while but eventually succumb.

Maker’s Mark Mark to Make: 13. If Nor’Easter can go north of this number on its threes and south of it for its turnovers, as well as holding Michigan to close to this number of assists, they can win.

Michigan 67, Nor’Easter 64.


~ by mglitos on November 12, 2008.

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