I like that word. It almost always is followed by “of things to come” in the way ensuing is usually followed by “kickoff.” But anyway…

Harbinger #1: Great start by the Nutpees. Nor’Easter turned back and ran away from IUPUI yesterday 73-60. The Huskies get Michigan tonight at 8:00 on ESPNU. Four Huskies scored in double figures, led by Eugene Spates’s 14. Chase Allen posted a line you’d better get used to seeing: 11 points, six assists, five rebounds.

Key sequence: The Jags Leroy Nobles swished a three with 12:25 to play in the game, cutting a hefty Nor’Easter lead to 44-38. Poor Bill got a quick timeout. From there Vinny Lima Time hit back-to-back layups, and Chase Allen drew a charge and hit a layup of his own. Four minutes later the lead was 59-43 and CAA fans got color back in their knuckles.

Harbinger #2: A shot of Maker’s Mark for everybody. Nor’Easter kept IUPUI below the 40% mark from the field, including 2-17 from beyond the new arc. Predictions may be about 27% accurate this year!

More later…


~ by mglitos on November 12, 2008.

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