The First…(Afternoon Edit Per a Miss…)

Why is there so much irony with college basketball? Nor’easter opens the CAA season today at 4:00, the same Huskies squad everybody is picking to, ahem, break through. (The whole Nutpees thing.)

Because we’re equal opportunity, you can get the Nor’Easter broadcast, as well as the IUPUI broadcast. Plus, one may fail and the ESPN ticker doesn’t cut it.

You know Poor Bill’s team. But Ron Hunter’s IUPUI Jags?

Heads up for Summit second teamer Gary Patterson, who is one of those guys that can shoot it from anywhere, including his dorm room. Patterson, a 5-10 point guard, drilled 45% from deep last year. And he didn’t pick his spots–he was 93-209 last year.

Sifting through game notes during lunch, I see that Patterson broke his hand three weeks ago and had surgery on Halloween. He is out. Expect 5-9 Adrian Moss to run the point. Moss is a jet. Expect this to be size versus speed–IUPUI only has two players that will see meaningful time that are the size of Nor’easter’s guards.

Hunter also loves two of his new kids: Robert Glenn and Alex Young. Glenn hit for 14 points in an exhibition, and Stone 21 points in 25 minutes.

Keep an eye on LeRoy Nobles, who has putrid stats from last year but was injured. And Bill Pettiford is one of those glue guys who does a ton of everything. Think big guy version of Folarin Campbell.

Maker’s Mark Mark to Make: 40.25. If Nor’easter can hold the swish-happy Jaguars to less than 40% from the field and less than 25% from deep, they will win the game. This is provided they are on the north end of those numbers.

Prediction: I’m downright queasy about this one. Hunter lost a first round NBA draft pick (George Hill) and still calls this the most talented team he’s ever coached. Because I’m a homer, and because I like defense early in the season (and a Tuesday at 4:00 game) I’ll go with Poor Bill. Nor’Easter 63, IUPUI 58.


I almost forgot. Hofstra will start the season without its new big man, Miklos Szabo (who definitely needs a nickname). Szabo is sitting two games, as imposed by the NCAA Amateurism Certification staff. It stems from Szabo’s participation with professionals in his native Hungary.

Don’t get all nuts, as this is really very boring and a standard issue NCAA ruling. If you play on a team with professionals, even if you don’t get paid yourself, your amateur status is “compromised.” Szabo played in one such game and the NCAA penalty is usually two-for-one.

Aurimas Kieza missed the first six games for the same thing when he was a freshman.


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