You Do Realize This, Don’t You?

You’re going to finish up today–be it work or school–and do your Friday Thing. Could be happy hour, could be a calm dinner with the family, could be both. Whatever the case, the next thing you know you’re going to be raking leaves or mowing the lawn.

Maybe Saturday night with friends. Some football. Suddenly it is Monday and the doldrums of work on a Monday. Then, Monday Night Football.

And before your Tuesday is complete, Nor’easter tips off against Ooey-Pooey.

The regular season.

Four days away.

Yes, indeed.


So my always-tuned rss turned up this goodie from Boston. Interesting read about Cap’n Matt. Money quote, from Poor Bill:

“It’s a little bit scary,” Coen said, “because all the things that he’s accomplished I don’t even think he’s close to becoming the player he can be at the end of his career.”


And we’ll finish out the preseason previews with Towson:

Pat Kennedy literally sleeps basketball. He recently said that he keeps a notepad by his bedside, because when he wakes up late at night he’s thinking about basketball and wants to jot down notes about what he is thinking.

He’d better write fast or get a recorder to dictate this year: he promises that Towson has the depth to ramp up how he wants to attack. The Tigers have progressed from laughingstock to middle-of-the-pack.

This year?

Three Key Statements

  1. Brian Morris is a very good point guard, but not as good when the pace is fast.
  2. Tommy Breaux and healthy need to written in the same sentence.
  3. These guys can fly up and down the floor and will be fun to watch.

Season Shaper(s)

  1. Morris can run a show and is tall, but Kennedy wants to play fast. Tony Franklin offers speed but is a freshman. Which way to the promised land?
  2. Much like Mason, there needs to be some stepping up to press clippings: Ricardo Brown, Jarrel Smith head that list.
  3. It’s hard to imagine a vet who wins like Pat Kennedy feeling pressure. But even he has admitted he needs to start winning at Towson.

The Underdog

Rocky Coleman. I must admit Coleman is one of my favorite players in the conference. He takes care of the ball, plays a mean defense, and isn’t exactly a schlub with the ball in his hands. I think about this team with Coleman playing 22 mpg and averaging about 10ppg, 5rpg and call them a threat for a Friday bye.

Hey Coach, What Happens If…

  • Junior Hairston continues to have trouble with his knee, ankle, rib, etc, and Breaux joins him on the 15-day DL?
  • Morris is playing well but looks like he’s watching grass grow, as opposed to Franklin’s high octane turnovers and easy baskets?
  • Gunner Josh Thornton, a man with no range and no conscience, starts firing away from Dell Curry-land?

If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak:

I still remember Tim Crossin as a freshman dropping 10 assists and zero turnovers on Loren Stokes. Crossin is a senior now and won’t be playing very much. That’s called a marker.

Place range is sixth through 10th.


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One Response to “You Do Realize This, Don’t You?”

  1. I asked Cap’n Matt to “Friend” me on Facebook. Still waiting.

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